Saturday, June 28, 2008

Oh the life of a cat!! all 3 of them

In our house we have 2 cats Mars (grey) and Ms Saddles (white and grey). Our daughter, Lindsay moved to Macon, GA with us and brought her little kitten!! Natsuki is the newest addition and she has totally taken over our household!!

As you can see she decided that my new tablecloth was the perfect sleeping spot!

Now look at how cute I am and this table is so comfortable!!
But I didn't know that this is off limits to me!!! Why I thought it was a perfect place. Your not mad are you?
Now the two older cats have had just about enough of the antics of little Natsuki - so the attack is on ---- note: Natsuki doesn't realize that Mars is on the piano!!
The attack!!! Natsuki still only sees Ms Saddles.
Camera didn't catch the actual attack but it was way too funny!!

Thanks for visiting -- Mars, Ms Saddles and Natsuki - come again!


Tanya Willis Anderson said...

Ha! Don't those cats rule the house? LOL


Nancy said...

So cute Roberta! Of course I'm partial to kitties as you already know. And, yes, they do make their way to ruler of the house very quickly!

Nancy said...

Well, it looks like your two cats are going to straighten out Natasha. They are telling her "you are in our house, so get used to it" LOL.
Cute kitties.
Nancy V.

Heidi said...

Very cute and I see they are letting you know who is boss. Cats really are the best company and teach us all we should know. LOL!

Hugs ~

Barb said...

Love the pictures. Natusuki looks like my cat and sounds just as mishievious as Whiskers was when he was little. Aren't cats fun!