Thursday, January 28, 2010

Someone asked me What is your Favorite thing to stitch!!

Well, my answer was 'Reproduction Sampers" --- Then I stopped and said no lately I have been doing lots of 'smalls'! Below is 3 classes that I took at a NeedleArts Retreat in Pine Mountain, GA. You will notice that all three classes are 'smalls'.

The three pictures below are of a HummingBird box, taught by Marsha Papay-Gomola.
The stitching on the front cover is mostly surface embroidery and the humming bird is done in 'long and short' stitch over padding to make it 3 dimensional. The ground fabric is linen.
In the class we learn to actually make the box and the little ladybug and the woven needlepad.
On the back cover Marsha put an absolutely beautiful initial - this is for her Mom - Helen and also perhaps for the hummingbird. My hummingbirds is just about done, but is packed away for now - but is in my 2010 work basket.
Below is the Bunny Notebook, which has three padded 3 dimensional animals - the bunny and the three birds. My bunny is just about 1/2 way done and the little Chickadee on the bottom is finished!
On the inside of the notebook is of course, a notebook and under it is the designers name and the date (this is where my name and the date will go) on the other inside page is a listing of stitches and how they look. Marsha gave us all the ones she used and some others, but suggested that we put in the stitches we really like to work with.
Again, a beautiful initial on the back cover - this could be for bunny or perhaps for her husband whose name is Bob.
Now this next class was taught by Barbara Jackson and it is her Succulent Strawberry. It is surface work again done on linen.
This is a darling piece and has lots of speciality stitches. This project should be finished hopefully quickly as it isn't very big about the size of a pear.
I want to thank you for dropping by for a visit. ----------Roberta

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year

Well it has been a month since I have posted to my blog - What can I say - December was quite the busy month at our house - lots of company - several luncheons, shopping, visiting and of course stitching and cooking!!

It was a wonderful holiday here at the Smith household - below is a picture of our family - bottom of the staircase is husband Terry, me, sister Jean, niece Jenna, daughter Lindsay and then son Jeremy.
Here is Jenna with her fingerless mittens that I made for her.
Jean with her fingerless mittens
Lindsay with her fingerless mittensJeremy received fingerless mittens last year, but would like to have another pair!! So what do you give a young man for Christmas!!?? How about a made by Mom pillowcase! ;o)))
Can you believe he just loved it - I am so glad.
Actually everyone received a handmade pillowcase - one also went to my sister's son, Justin who is working in Quatar.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and Holiday season --- Happy New Year to you all.