Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Just wanted to post a quick Hello and to say that I am in the process of catching up on my blog reading.

It's hard to believe how much a temp. job can mess up ones life, but then again the added benefit of money to spend on ones hobby is a good thing.

Each semester registration time at one of the local colleges, I go to work at the college bookstore. This is a two to three week temporary job that happens 3 times a year. I love doing this, but my house and stitching just suffer. The hours are 10 to 12 hour days and standing the entire time.

When I get home, I am just way too tired to even think about stitching, I do not even watch TV, I just eat, shower and hop into bed.

But, now I am back to my regular routine, the house is in order and I am stitching, so hope to have some photos for show by this weekend.

Thanks for stopping by --- Roberta

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What I have been working on!

One would think one would get lots of stitching done when the weather is just too hot to go outside. My poor yard does not get much visiting from me, but I do get out and try to 'dead head' the roses.

I did get some work done - below is the start of Tis the Season - BBD as part of a SAL. The strawberries from a previous post is also part of the SAL. Have till mid or end of September to have it finished.
A closer look of Tis the Season. Stitched on 32ct Vintage Pear, but using threads that I had, not all the ones called for.
This is a little bracelet that a friend taught me to do.
I am not what you would call a beader, but I do enjoy the process as long as there is a class and/or knowledgeable teacher.
Here is an even closer look, once started it worked up very quickly. NOTE: cat hair everywhere!!
Here is another beading project - though I pride myself on not having WIPs in the beading end!! this is a WIP - I started this many years ago and then we moved here to Macon and I just never got it done, so I hope to have this finished some time within the next month.
It is called a Dutch Spiral.
This is my little work area for my beading projects, right now Dutch Spiral has claimed the space.
Below is Pumpkin Blossom by BBD which I finished stitching but have not made into anything yet. Have these two fabrics and need to decide which one to use. I am into trying to use stash instead of buy new stash.Below is Witches Hollow by The Primitive Needle. I am doing this as a SAL with a internet friend, haven't gotten very far.
I am using 40ct fabric of which the name has escaped me, but will post the name when I show you more progress. I used 2 strand of floss on the owl, but have decided to go to one strand for the rest of the piece. Of course I already started the bat and the moon, but will 'frog' them and do them over using one strand of floss.
The owl, took forever to stitch, lots of counting and color changes, but it looks great!! do you agree.
Thanks for dropping by, I do love to blog which I had more time to sit and do this, plus read blogs and stitch. Oh, I forgot, still have to maintain home and family!! lol

Have a great week ------------ Roberta