Monday, August 31, 2009

Computer Blues

Hi Everyone, I know several of you have stopped by to visit and there is still nothing new from me --- Well I have just had the "computer blues". I barely go to the computer to read my regular e-mails. Part of the reason is that my computer is upstairs in my sewing area and I have been on the main floor either working at the kitchen table or knitting.

Well, DH set up an extra computer (his tax computer) on the dining room table for me. Well this has given me a whole new link to life on the computer. I still have to go upstairs to download my photos to post, or anything that I want to print off, but now I can just pop on and read my messages and get back to reading blogs. (never mind clean out my inbox!!) So I started yesterday reading blogs once again and I still have a few messages on groups that I need to catch up on, then I hope to get some photos posted to my blog.

I love blogging it is like a way to keep track of what happens in my little world. I do hope to do better so plan to stop by again and see what I have been working on and what I have finished.

Have a great day --- Roberta

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Not keeping up with my New Years' Resolution

Good Morning all, I know it has been a long time since I have blogged on my blog, never mind reading blogs!!

But life does have a way going its own way - which is not necessarily your way!!

At the beginning of July DH Terry and I went to visit friends in Flat Rock, NC. Below is Terry with Chopper who is staying with our friends for a few weeks, Chopper really took to Terry as you can see.
Here is Gunther, he is now all grown up and not the puppy anymore - he is just so cute, but he and Chopper just love to bark at whatever passes by the house!!! it is hilarious, but OH so noisy. Below is a little pillow that I made for Jackie and a few other gals that I have gotten to know. I filled the pillow with crushed Walnut shells that I found a Petsmart in the bird section. It gave the pillow some good weight and personality and it wasn't difficult or dusty to use. I made this little pocket for Jackie and Tom, it was a fun and quick stitch - the hardest part was finding the right buttons for the sides.
After visiting with Jackie and Tom, we came home and the next day I went to Franklin, NC to visit with some of my stitching friends that lived in Miami when I lived there. We all met up in Athens, GA to view the Dogwood Chapter, EGA's needlework exhibit and then had lunch, after which we drove up to Franklin. Had a fun few days stitching and eating ( our favorite pasttime)

Upon my return home on Friday - I received a phone call that my friend in Florida had taken ill and could I come and give a hand - so off I went the next day to Florida and stayed there until the end of the month. Unfortunately, my friend is seriously ill and hopefully we will know what the prognosis is this week.

So with all the running about, my poor blog and my e-mail's were ignored pretty much. I am finally caught up with my messages and have started reading blogs, but it is amazing how much you all do and write about - it will take forever to catch up. I do not always comment, but will try to say something since I am in catch up mode.

Thank you all for visiting and I hope to get back to posting at least once a week - now off to get some stitching done.========== Roberta