Sunday, June 22, 2008

The kitchen has a theme that keep growing!

When we purchased this house the previous owner had roosters as her kitchen theme. She left the 3 kitchen rugs for us. Well while walking through WalMart's craft area what did I see but rooster fabric, so I snapped it up and made a table cloth.

Not only where there roosters on the rugs but she had a rooster on the light fixture and the fabric for the shades have roosters on them.

There is even roosters on the curtains!!

So my dear friend Diane made for our housewarming gift - a wonderful rooster tea cozy!!
The detail of her work is wonderful so please click and check out what she did.
Thank you for visiting my little farmyard - Roberta


Nancy said...

That is really cute fabric you found. Very nice to come up with that to add the nice touches.
Nancy V

Nancy said...

Everything is gorgeous Roberta! I really love the rooster rug - so elegant looking. I wanted to click on the photos to see Diane's tea cozy, but your photos aren't clickable for some reason. :(

Solstitches said...

I'm just loving your kitchen Roberta. The table cloth you made is very nice and I just love the light fitting.

Heidi said...

Love the rooster theme Roberta! It was so nice that your housewarming gift matches the theme so well. It seems that you are very much at home now in the new house.

Hugs ~

angelasweby said...

Your kitchen looks so inviting, it's full of character too. i love the rooster light fitting, it's really unusual and Diane's tea cosy is just amazing. I love that pretty fabric with the little birds that she s used.