Sunday, April 26, 2009

Shadow work project with Marion Scoular

This past Thursday, I was able to take a class with Marion Scoular a well know educator in the needlearts. She is originally from the UK and was trained at the Royal School of Needlework. The picture above is a view from the right side. Below is what the piece looks like from the back.
I am not sure how I am going to finish this - thinking of maybe a small little pouch or pillow.

Thanks for dropping in --- Roberta

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

PIF (pass it forward)

I have been lucky enough to have participated is several of these fun events and I did win 2 PIF's.

So for my 'pass it forward' I will make 2 little somethings and I will send 2 little stash things.

This is 4 winners!!! So please put your name and e-mail addy in the comments and I will have four names picked on Monday the 28th of April (my son Jeremy's birthday).

The timeline is usually getting the gifts off to the winners withing 364 days and the recipients need to do a 'pif' of their own.

Thanks for participating and look forward to pulling the winner next Monday.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Reading, Stitching and knitting

This past month I have been in Ohio helping out my sister, Jean, who had a knee replacement. We have had a wonderful time once she was clear of the powerful meds. I go home on Sunday and though I will miss my time with my DSis, I am looking forward to seeing my family and getting back into my routine.

While here in Ohio, I have read books - found this older Victoria Holt book at a book exchange, it was a good read - I remember reading her when I was younger. One of my new favorite writers is Mariah Stewart and of course I love Nora Roberts and Julie Garwood. I haven't read so many books in such a short time since I cannot remember when!!!?? ;o))
Below is the Sarah Tobias needleroll that I am working on with several other gals.
I have been working deligently on my Quaker Christmas - this is also a SAL with a couple of stitchers from FTLOS group -hoping to have this done by September.
I also have been knitting, I already finished a scraf and started a new one and have been working on a pair of socks. Hope I have this much time to stitch, knit and read when I get home!! ;O)Hope everyone is enjoying spring!! the sun finally has come out here in Ohio and I have opened some windows to let in the fresh air.

Happy Stitching and thanks for visiting ---- Roberta

Friday, April 10, 2009

Farmers Country Store

Here is Farmer's Country Store, that is in Lancaster, Ohio. This store is just so adorable and has wonderful things to purchase for your home or for gifts.
Below is Shirley (Farmer) this store has been in her family for several generations, she has had this shop for over 30 years as a gift shop, a miniature shop (not longer does that)and she now has a quilt section at the back of the store.
Here is the check out counter which is sitting on the old meat counter from the general store. The little wooden window is an old postal window. They still use the old register today, but with the help of a calculator and paper and pencil. (That's Penny at the register now)The display items on the upper half of the shop are from Shirley's family homestead.
Some pictures of the little cubby areas in the shop.Below is the family sleigh with the velvet lining still intact.Several of the display cabinets from the original general store are still in use today.Here is a shot of the quilting area - wonderful fabrics and pattern, just love shopping in here.Couldn't resist taking a picture of the step stool - isn't it cute!I have a few more shots to share will post them on a later date.

Thank you for stopping by - Happy Easter to you ---- Roberta

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fabric finds

Finally went to the little country/prim/quilt store near my sister's here in Ohio. This is one of my favorite places to go when I visit my sister. I asked if I could bring my camera and take a picture of the store and they said yes. So tomorrow I will head back and take pictures - this is just a tiny store that has been in the owners family for years - it use to be the general store. The original meat counter is where the register sits. Lots of the family things are displayed on the upper part of the walls.

Below is fabric that I found to go with my Sarah Tobias Needle
I think it goes really nicely with the linen and thread colors - do you agree?
I also found some of the Moda Sampler fabric. Below is coral on ecru panels.
This is random sampler motifs in Brown on Ecru.
I also found several books that I would like, but purchased this Christmas one and a Penny Rug pattern. The glass jar is a 'fly catcher', just could not leave that - way too quirky and fun.
Well, that is it for now - hope to get some good pictures tomorrow of this little cute shop.

Thanks for visiting --- Roberta

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Karetaker Kitties

My sister, who lives in Ohio, had knee replacement surgery at the end of March, hence why I haven't put anything on my blog.

Below is a picture of my sister, being cared for by her two cats - Juliette in the forefront and Jasmine sitting on her good leg.
Jasmine in ready to help pose!Juliette standing watch!Here they are on their rest break!!
My sister is doing remarkably well with her recuperation. This morning, we walked 1/3 or a mile around her community and then a shorter walk this afternoon. The surgery was a week ago Wednesday and I am amazed at how quickly her incision has healed. Instead of staples or stitches, her leg was glued together. She was able to take a shower within 48 hours of surgery and did not have to cover the incision. Jean has been really good with doing her exercises. We have had a good time together - great sister time!!! Tomorrow we are heading to the 4th session of PT and then a bit of shopping!!! Of course, she needs to use her walker (which she does not really like)but in the house and going to PT she uses her cane!! Again I am amazed at how quickly this proceedure and recovery has been. Her doctor is one of the top in this field and travels around the country teaching. I am very impressed.

Well, time to go and redo the ice packs

Thanks for stopping by --- Hope to put up some pictures of my stitching within the next few days.