Monday, May 18, 2009

Back in Ohio again

Well here we are once again back in Ohio, this time to attend nephew, Justin's graduations from Kent State University with his Master's Degree in Higher Education Administration.
Justin lived in westen Pennsylvania while attending graduate school working as a Resident Director at a small college. The town and the countryside were just beautiful and my sister and I dragged poor Justin and DH Terry through many of the darling shops.

Below is a picture of a cute Prim Picture which I thought would look great in my house in Georgia. This is really stitched and the frame is just perfect.
Then my sister found this cute bird's nest so we each bought one. Jean also bought little eggs to go into her nest.
Below is a picture of my sister-Jean, nephew-Justin and niece - Jenna. Thank you for stopping by ------ Roberta

Saturday, May 9, 2009

finishes and almost finished

Well, I am almost finished stitching the Sarah Tobias Needleroll, just have the bottom pocket to finish up - hopefully this week. I will put it together at the end of the month.
Below are two quilt blocks from a BOM at a quilt shop in Columbus, GA the top block is February's block and the second one is for March. I will get April's done after I return from my sister's.
I haven't received May's block yet.
Below is a beaded scissor or cell phone fob - isn't it cute - it is suppose to be like a ruler!
I haven't beaded is quite awhile, but have another project sitting in the wings, just a little one, I am not into beading that big time, but like to do some small things.

Thanks for visiting. Have a great Mother's Day ---- Roberta