Friday, July 27, 2012

Where does the time go!!??

Ever since we moved the computer upstairs, it seems that I do not use it as much.  We still have my husband's computer downstairs in his office and I do jump on that to see e-mails, but my computer is now upstairs and it contains all my photos and info.  So unless I head up the stairs my blogging just seems to not happen.  I am going to try to be much better with the getting up the stairs to the computer.

Meanwhile, I have finished Sanctuary!!! all the stitching is done other than the hemstitching which I will do when the frame and foam core come in -- yes, I have already ordered the frame, hopefully it will be in this coming week!!
 Below is a workshop piece from Sherri Jones of Patrick's Woods.  I have finished the stitching of  "Fair Charlotte's Souvenir Purse" and I am now working on the accessories.
Here is a close up of Fair Charlotte.

Now let me tell you how both of these piece came to be stitched.  A group of stitching friend formed a SAL on Facebook to stitch while watching the Tour de France.  It was great fun and even though I have watch the tour in previous years it was never a constant thing.  This year I watched every day and usually sat through the entire TV commentary of it.  I learned so much about cycling and the tour.  It was great fun and it keep me totally on track for getting these two pieces stitched.

Do you know that now that the Olympics are underway starting tonight with the opening ceremonies, we are again doing an Olympic SAL. 

We named what we will be stitching on and if you finish during the Olympic time span - you will received GOLD!!!  (have no idea where the gold will come from, but what great fun and a wonderful way to get things stitched)

Now the only problem with some of these event  such as gymnastics - you actually have to watch the TV!!! hummm this could be challenging!

Thank you all for visiting, and I will try to be much better at blogging - I do love my blogs and I love to blog, but need to climb those stair (good exercise!!)to get to my computer!!

See you all soon,                    Roberta