Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Computer and Blog Hybernation

OK so I haven't been around for a bit - haven't visited anyone in blogland and just did basic e-mails. Sometimes life just gets to be overwhelming and you do not want to talk, visit or be overly social. That is how I have felt in the last few weeks - but now I am feeling more like myself and pleased with the stitching and finishing that I have accomplished. Still frustrated with the yard work - but it is so d@+$)$(^% hot, that I can hardly get anything done in the yard though my tomato plants seem to be doing quite well and producing some yummy fruits.

Will be popping in and out of my favorite blogs in the next few days and I am looking forward to seeing what everyone has done and what you all are up to.

Sorry for going AWOL - but needed some serious downtime.

With friendships and stitching on my mind --- yours, Roberta

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Progress with my SALs

No please do not faint - I am once again posting within the same week!!!

Here is my progress on Sanctuary - I am so loving doing this sampler - cannot believe I had put it down - Well yes I can, there is a mistake, but I have grown as a person and since I didn't see it until just the other day - I figure - all is OK!!! So the mistake stays - it is so minor - what a fussy person I must have been!!!
Below is my Quaker Sampler that is also a SAL with some friends on FortheLoveofstitching group by Tanya Anderson - The Sampler Girl. I am hoping for an August/September finish with this.
Didn't stitch as much this weekend - still cleaning out my sewing room and stash - not getting rid of much!!!! but finding all kinds of wonderful projects that I have to find time and life to get done!! Exercise, eat right and think good thoughts - hummmm!!

Have a great Day --- Roberta

Friday, June 12, 2009

Stitching has taken over

Just a small note to say that I have been so busy stitching, that I haven't had a chance to visit blogs this past week and the few that I did drop in on, I didn't even leave a message. Hope to sit and enjoy my blog reading sometime this weekend - I am just so into getting things stitched and enjoying the quiet time that I have had! ;o))

A few internet friends decided to form a UFO SAL - we just do it by e-mail, so I am in the throes of working on the Drawn Thread's Sanctuary, which I had abandoned several years ago - why I do not know!! I am just loving it.
This is where I had left off, I have now finished the right side and started the left quadrant, will post an updated picture hopefully in a few days.

Below is Quaker Christmas that I am also working on as a SAL, this is from several weeks ago, it is page one and the start of page 4 (on the bottom). I am now working on on page 2 and have just about finished page 4, will post a photo hopefully in a few days.
Enjoy your stitching time - Roberta

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Miss Penny and my PS Exchange

Here is Miss Penny - my children gave me the kit this past Christmas and I just worked on her occasionally at the kitchen table while waiting for dinner or having my morning coffee and watching the news. She is from Olde Colonial Designs - isn't she just precious!
Here is a close up of her apron - sorry for the blurryness - I have a very old digital (one of the first to come out way back when! hoping for a new camera for B'day or Christmas)

Here is the little needlebook again a bit blurry!
Thought she might look pretty with the Hydranga's from my garden - the little green bottle is an old fashion fly catcher!
I belong to the PS exchange group and this is what I received from Gaby in Germany, isn't this beautiful - I love the colors - it is a mattress pinkeep - she also put our initials on the back, Thank you Gaby - I love it!
Below is what I sent for my PS exchange - Barbara in The Netherlands is orginally from New England and will be going back with her family for a visit - when I saw the July PS booklet, I knew this would be perfect for her.
I just love the little lobster!!
Well, off to get some more finishing done and some stitching done and some housework done!!!

Have a great day ---- Roberta

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Staying home

Sorry for not posting for a while, but have been on the road so much these past few months, I just haven't had a chance to settle back into my routine. I am home and hope to stay for a few month, hopefully!!

My poor yard has been a bit ignored, but I did work in it these past few days.
I have a few things to share but my camera cord is visiting another friend - I should have it back tomorrow and then I can show some of my stitching and some garden shots. Below is a Gardenia and above is a Hydranga, my yard is in almost in full bloom with the daylillies, gardenias and hydrangas.
I did finish my 'Miss Penny' doll and I am hoping to get two needlerolls put together this week.
Hope you all are having a nice late spring and getting some gardening and stitching done. I am looking forward to doing that myself.

Until later - thanks for stopping in - Roberta