Monday, March 23, 2015

Traveling and my Stash to Stash report

Hi all, I have no photos this month, I have been traveling.  At the moment I am in Tokyo,Japan.

Before I left on my travels, I did buy a piece of linen, the cost was $22.  I have no idea where I stand with my account, but will check once I get home mid April.

This trip was a once in a lifetime event mainly for my daughter who has a friend that moved to Tokyo and has wanted to visit her for several years now.  We were able to do this trip because a dear friend of mine had passes away and left both DD Lindsay and I some money.  So after paying off bill and a car payment and putting some in savings, we made our plans. Our first stop was a few days in Hawaii, this really helped with the time changes and jet lag.  We totally loved Hawaii, went to a luau, visited Pearl Harbour and took an Eco tour around the island of Oahu.

Tokyo is amazingly so cosmopolitan, clean, busy and the food is amazing.  We have eaten at a noodle shop, a rice bowl shop, had Pizza Hut pizza, which is nothing like what we get at home - one topping was Korean beef and the other pizza topping was meat with pesto. Quite a change from what we know as pizza toppings.

Tomorrow we will head to Kyoto to visit some of the temples and gardens, we also have scheduled a time for a Tea Ceremony.

Well off to get ready for a bit of a tour of Tokyo. We will return to the states on April 9th staying with my son for a few days in San Francisco, then back home to Macon, Georgia on the 13th.

As always thank you for stopping by - if I can figure out how to get photos from my camera to my iPad I will post them.


Thursday, February 5, 2015

An update on getting back to normal!!!

So I though all would get back to nice steady flow of my day, but wait!! NO! Ended up getting very sick for the month of December and then to find out that I have a surface cancer on my arm!! My sister had to have a shoulder replacement.  I am guessing that perhaps this is my normal!!  I always seem to be busy and on the go, but I am trying for a new normal - a slower normal.  I will slow down a bit - our daughter, Lindsay, will be moving back to Orlando, though will miss her, she does add activity to our life, since she is a movie buff, we have gotten into movies and video games!!
Before Lindsay moves, she wanted to visit her friend Javon who moved to Japan six years ago - so guess who is going with her??? That's right - me!!  It should be a fun, busy and exciting time, especially since I am into embroidery and Ikebana.  Hope to visit the Japanese Embroidery Center and the Ichiyo Ikabana school.  Of course Linds wants to head to the Animation and video areas. 
We are wanting to visit museums, temples, Mt Fuji and various other cities. 
Below is the update on the Terry Bay piece I have been working on, as you can see Mars has to give a helping hand. 
Here is some other knitting that I am working on - somehow forgot that I had this sock to finish, so hoping to get it done quickly.  Also working on another scarf. 
Here is a an African Violet that was at Diane and Mildred's house (my friend that passed away last year).  It seems to like living at my house and it is now 2 plants so I will split it when it stops blooming and give one of the plants to Mildred. 
Also, another plant and it is loving the spot where I put it and it has bloomed, who would have thought that this orchid would be happy here in middle Georgia in the cold temps!! 
I did manage to get something stitched and finished - finally!!! This was for a heart tree that was on display at Callaway's NeedleArts School. 

Thank you for stopping by chat with you all again.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

Hi Everyone
I am hoping that this will be the beginning of a much better year for myself and my family.  Stitching did come to an almost total halt due to the frequent visits to the doctor's and hospital with our friend Diane.  Since Diane's passing in August 3 of my friends have lost their husbands.  On a good note, our son Jeremy is doing just fine after his surgery to remove a lump in his neck.

Below is a photo of my stitching tree - it has ornaments that others have stitched for me from exchanges or as gifts - there are a few on the tree that I also stitched.

This is a scarf/shawl that I hope to have finished by the end of January.  This is one of several pieces of knitting and stitching that I hope to get finished in the new year
This needlepoint piece I purchased many years ago as a gift for my husband and I finally have pulled it out.  Plan is to have this finished by his birthday in May!
Below is a piece by Terry Bay - our EGA group had a workshop with her at the beginning of 2014, plan to get this piece done with in the next few months.
Below is something I started in November last and since it is a fairly new start - I am adding this to my finishes for this new year.
As you can see, my goal this year is to get some of my WIPs stitched and finished.
There are many, many more in the pile but will post them as time moves on and I get things finished.
I was lucky enough to have my name selected from the Scarlet Letter group to received this wonderful gift from Paula at Kelsmcott.  I was really excited and thrilled to have received this!

Well I need to go and get showered and dressed - the first order of business today before watching football is to go to the movies to see The Hobbit!!  Really excited to see this.
Once again Happy New Year everyone - and I am hoping to be a much better blogger this coming year with no major distractions.
yours, Roberta