Friday, December 31, 2010


Just a quick note to wish everyone an absolutely wonderful and prosperous New Year.

I have posted on my side board, my projected stitching list for 2011. I am also hoping to finish one ornament a month. I already have 2 done!!! so with any luck I might get more than one done a month.

My New Years Resolution is to put at least one stitch in a piece everyday!!

To eat healthier and to exercise more.

Try to post to my blog if possible - once a week!! (this could prove to be interesting)

Try to understand my cell phone, kindle, camera, computer and whatever electronic devise I own, and to use them to their full potential, or at least close!!

Happy New Year to you all and thank you for stopping by to visit.


Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas decorations and gifts

Merry Christmas - Happy Holidays Everyone, glad that you have a bit of time to visit. It is such a busy time of year - for me it is a LOVE/hate time. So much to do and it seems that the time just gets away from you!!!

Thought I would share some of my Holiday decorations - we only put up part of what we have, since it will be a quiet Christmas and what with getting sick - energy level was a bit down. All is done here, just need to finish some wrapping and maybe try to get the cards done!!

Below is an angel made from an old Hymnal and beside it is a lovely card that is stitched from a very dear friend. I have been fortunate to be a recipient of these cards for several years - I treasure them.
Our tree top Angel, which will go on the tree after our son comes. We wait to decorate the tree when he comes home - a family tradition.I love to do little vignettes so here is a bit of everything. If you look close there is the tiniest of Manger scenes in the front. Also, a lovely Hardanger towel, a frog as a candy cane holder and a lovely 3 dimensional tree card.
Here is a cute little gourd painted Santa.
And an other gourd Santa - this one is just beautifully done.
This is the front entry way, we usually have way more holiday stuffed animals that go all the way up the stairs and around the tree.
This is the main tree in the livingroom - it looks like it is leaning, but I think it is how I took the picture. There are a few ornaments on the tree the rest will be put on this week when DS comes home.
Have you all seen this Whitman's tin?? I think it is just darling. I usually like the 'sampler' ones but I really like this one.
A little gift from Becky - thank you so much!!
view from the side - sorry it is blurry.
This is from another dear friend - Margaret. She makes the most wonderful bags and goodies, again I feel so lucky to have such dear and wonderful friends. Thank you Margaret.
Well, best get off the computer for now - need to take the cats to the Vets!!! this should be fun!!!LOL

Enjoy the Season everyone and thanks for stopping by and taking time out of your busy day to visit.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ms Saddles and a stitched bag

If you remember in a previous post I had shown you all a picture of the little stool that I had won. Well, the minute I put it down on the floor, Ms Saddles decided that this was too sweet of a perch to let anyone else have. So she claimed it!!! we moved it near the window so she could see the birds and watch us in the kitchen.
Sometimes when we watch TV Ms Saddles likes to relax on your lap - here she is relaxing -actually totally sleeping on Mildred's lap.
Below is another bag that I stitched for an exchange.

Need to go back to my stitching so will wish you all a happy season and will be back again in a few days ---- Thanks for stopping by.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tea Cup Auction

This past Sunday was my EGA chapters Christmas Party which is a Tea Cup Auction. Sunday was also my birthday so it was a fun birthday party for me!! though no one knew. My birthday has always been lost due to Christmas parties and preparations - so I always consider the month of December my special Birthday Month not just a day. Cards and gifts do arrive at various times during the month so it is a fun and different way to celebrate!!

Below is a free little gift from Fern Ridge - both of the designers are members of the guild so every year they bring a basket with a kit for all of the members - this is very special and very much appreciated.
Below is a little stool which I got because my ticket was pulled.
A top view - this has now become a favorite sitting place for the cats!!! are we surprised.
Also, had my name pulled to receive this neat stitching cabinet.
Looks pretty nice in my house - do you agree!?
The above items plus several others are flea market, yard sale finds by one of the lady's husband. He love to find thinks for us 'stitching' gals and we all look forward to his finds. Last year I was lucky to get a quilt rack that he had found.

Below is a little basket which will be fun to paint and then line with fabric.
a scissor fob and scissors
A sewing bag with pincushion
The sewing bag closed
A beautiful hand woven scarf
The total picture====
So you see how fun my birthday month can be. Next weekend is two more stitching parties. Everyone helps me celebrate.

To all who have a December birthday - enjoy the season as a total celebration.

Thank you for stopping by ---- Happy Holidays ---- Roberta

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Something for the Tea Cup Auction

Good Morning all,

Today is my EGA chapters Christmas Party and every year they have a 'Tea Cup' auction. Everyone brings an item that they have made or that is somewhat stitching related.

Below is my item. It is a small bag for carrying a stitching project or whatever!!
I used a BlackBird Design for the cross stitched piece on the front and I lined the bag with some of the Moda sampler fabric.
There is also a little fob which can be used for ones scissors or just as a zipper pull.

Well, off to get ready to go - I have a 2 hour drive ahead of me. Will check in with you all when I return - hopefully with a goodie or two!!!

Enjoy the season ----------- Roberta

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cats and presents

Well what is it about cats and laundry from the dryer. Here is DD's cat Natsuki sitting on what was once a nice clean batch of clothes fresh from the dryer!!!! Too Cute!!Below is a birthday present I received from my friends Diane and Mildred. It is a recycled sweater that has been felted and made into a purse - how clever is that. The sweater is green but the photo is coming up blue!!! Inside the pocket is the original label (Petite Sophisticate) Now this is the only Petite anything I will own!!! LOL
Now what is it with cats and bags!!! Ms Saddles had claimed the bag that my gift came in.
She is such the little lady and she so does love to have her picture taken - Isn't she the cutest!!
On a side note - I am way behind in my blog reading and I am trying to get caught up, so know that I will be visiting all my blogging friends, hopefully this weekend. Sorry for not keeping up, but with being sick and working part time - my computer time is paying the price, not to mention the housework!!! LOL.

Thanks for stopping by - Enjoy the Season ---------------------- Roberta