Monday, February 28, 2011

Finishes, kitties and the yard

This has been a busy, crazy month for me, but I did manage to get stitching done and some pieces finished, as well as, getting some work done in the yard.

I finished up this ornament last nite while watching the Oscars - so now I have my February ornament done - need to pick what I will stitch for my March ornament.
I have managed to also knit and crochet two more wash/dishcloths. This is also another goal of mine for this year - a wash/dishcloth a month.Finished putting this strawberry together - it was stitched last year!!! Time does seem to fly, I have about 5 or 6 more of these!!!
Now I have finally finished BBD's Tis the Season!!! I started this last year in hope of having it done for Christmas 2010 - WELL, it didn't happen, but it is finished now and I just love it.
The Cardinal is just so beautiful and it was a fun area to stitch, the leaves on the other hand where not my favorite things to work on.Now for some kittie photos - Ms Saddles and Mars helping me with my sewing.
I brought the sewing machine down to the kitchen because I had a lot of machine work to do and I needed to work on the machine inbetween cooking and doing other household things.
Now here is Natsuki and Ms Saddles with Ginger in the background. They are sitting on my ironing board in the kitchen, watching everything I am doing. They do try to help out!! LOL
Now we have Natsuki doing her high railing act.
This just drives my husband crazy - he is fearful that she will fall!
Now here is Blackie - one of the outside feral cats, she is watching the birds on the ground eating the seeds that fell from the feeder.
Here is a quick snap of one of the birds - a Tit Mouse.Here are the pretty faces of the Pansys - they are just so sweet poking out of the leaves.
A shot of the side yard, the bushes starting to green up.
Bought myself a Pink Dogwood. Also have some potting to do.
Another shot of the yard - front side - Spring is in the air!
Well, I must say if you have managed to stay with me on this post - thank you!!! As I have said in the past, my computer time is so limited now that I am working, that I needed to get in as much as I could in this one shot. I am able to read blogs sometimes during work, but I am not always commenting - do not want to push my luck!!!

Thanks for stopping by - Enjoy the week ---- Roberta

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February's Projects

Well, it has taken a bit of time to get some pictures taken of my February stitching, but it would help if I had batteries in the camera that were full!! LOL

One of the things I hope to accomplish this year is to make a wash/dish cloth each month. This is the one for February. I find that it is easier on my eyes if I knit or crochet in the evenings, when I have a tiring day at work, so these washcloths are a nice evening project. I also have a pair of socks going and a scarf or two!! can't remember!!! CRS is taking over very quickly. LOL
Here is one of the projects from my challenge of 15 new ones for the year, didn't get very far did I??
Here is good old Sanctuary by Drawn Thread - my hopes is to get this done this year, but then again I have been saying that for about 2 or 3 years now!!!
Another newbie, Witches Hollow, but it was started last year. In hopes of getting this done by August.
Here is my ornament for the month of February - it is from the 1999 JCS Ornament issue - it is called No L by Eileen Bennett.
Now here is Quaker Christmas - don't know what happened, but this was to be finished in 2009 (notice date on picture) and it has been put away twice now!!! not sure what is bothering me about this piece, but it will be finished with any luck by the end of March - at least that is my goal for this piece.
This is from a class I took with Catherine Jordan at the San Francisco EGA Seminar. The box top is done and the inside piece is painted, just have to put some stitching on the piece - a sea monster and a mermaid. This is another piece I hope to have finished by the end of March.
Here is Tis the Season from the BBD Joyeux Noel. Almost done it is set to be finished by the end of this month. I just love the bird on this piece.
Work is keeping me busy, so my computer time is becoming so limited, I do try to read as many blogs as I can, but I am finding it hard to always comment, so do know my friends from the blog world that you are still part of my life.

Thank you for visiting me.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

TUSAL, scarf and an outreach

Well today was a rainy misty day, but headed off to Athens, GA for stitching time with friends. The first Thursday of each month we get together to sit, stitch, eat and chatter. It is a great time with friends.

So now I am home, waiting for the meatloaf to cook and trying to get caught up with the computer things. Computer time is really cutting into my stitching time, but I love blogging and reading blogs and reading the groups messages, one learns so much about what people like to stitch and buy, but it is also an enabling tool for wanting to buy more things for ones self!!! It is also so good to see what new products, designs and classes that are available through out the country and the world.

Below is my jar for the TUSAL, this is one SAL that requires very little from me - I love doing this. I went to Marshall's and bought this great glass container for only $6.00 just for this SAL.

Here is another pompom scarf for one of the gals at work -it is finished, and it is long, we used 2 skeins of pompom.
These next two stitched pieces are for the EGA project - Kissing Pillows - theses will be made up into a small pillow and then they will go, with other pillows, to a military base and will be given to those that are deployed overseas. I believe one is kept by the military personnel leaving after it has been kissed by members of the family and then (I am not sure about this part) the other pillow will be kissed by the soldier and kept by the family.
I feel really strong about doing whatever outreach project I can do, since I love to stitch, knit, sew or whatever - it is something that needs to be shared and I do hope that what I do does make a difference.

So my goal for this month is to get at least 1 ornament done - I have 4 lined up and kitted; I will finish "Tis the Season" (WIP) work on getting the writing stitched on "With My Needle" and some motifs done on Witches Hollow. I could be biting off more than I should but we will see how it progresses - I can always adjust.

Well, off to read some blogs and finish up dinner - have a great weekend everyone.