Sunday, August 19, 2007

Getting ready for the Tuesday drive

Hi all, well today I am finishing up all the odds and ends of things that need to go to our new residence in Georgia. I will be packing my clothes today and putting the violets in a box for traveling.

Tuesday morning should be a fun day since I will start it off with trying to give Ms Saddles and Mars a 1/2 of a valium that the Vet gave me. (I'm thinking I may need the valium more than they do??!!) I will be driving to Macon on Tuesday which will be about a 7 to 8 hour drive - I am hoping to leave around 8:30am, I will pack a little something for lunch for myself so that I will not have to stop on the road. I am hoping to stop just once to get gas and a quick potty break!! ;o)) so as not to leave the kitties in the car by themselves for any more than 5 minutes.

I will have their food and water available for them to get to when they wake up and also their litter box (which will be waaaayyy in the back of the van) Luckily both cats travel pretty well, have driven with them up to about 3 hours. I am planning on keeping their travel carriers open - we'll see what happens - so that they can eat and use the box when needed. If they are not good then I will have to keep them in their carriers and stop periodically for them to eat and drink and you know what. I know way toooo much information.

I best sign off and finish packing, going out with the neighbors this evening for dinner - looking forward to that.


Friday, August 17, 2007

DH has settled in

Hi everyone, sorry for not getting back to this sooner, but have been busy trying to get my life settled before I head up to Macon, GA on Tuesday the 21st,

DH, Terry, has settled into a routine and has started his new job and he is so very happy. Terry, decided a few years ago to get his doctorate - he has always wanted to teach at the college level. He has been an adjunct professor at various colleges and community colleges. Well we are now embarking on another chapter in the book of life. I am really excited about the move and since we are taking this one a bit more slowly, I am still finding some time to get in some stitching.

I only have a few more things left to do, like clean the shower (UGH!!), get my toiletries and makeup in order and packed, pick out what clothes I will need to take (I will be back to Florida around the 9th of October??!!)

I had two stitching projects done this week - Stacy Nash's "Hallows Eve" pillow and LHN The Chocolate Shoppe. I am a bit behind in the Beatrix Potter sampler, but will get caught up again next week while relaxing in the apartment we have rented, while DH goes to teach. Classes start on Monday.

Have a good weekend - Roberta

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Moving day and Beatrix Potter

Well, the movers have come and gone, now vacuuming and moving remaining furniture into new spots. DH will be taking part of our furniture with him to Georgia. All in all things are moving along pretty good. Our poor kitties are not quite sure what is going on!! They are going to be very angry with us because this afternoon they go to the Vets for their yearly checkup and shots!!!

I've finally added a photo of Beatrix Potter. This was taken last week, I am now on the current motif of the SAL, which is not shown on this picture.

The weather here in Florida is quite hot as it is all over. Have had no rain for almost a week now, and it is not looking good for rain for the next few days.

Well, off to finish getting the house in order before we head to the Vets.

Until tomorrow

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Let's get caught up

My life this summer has been in such a whirlwind, first with our nephew's graduation, my DH, Terry's, graduation for his Ph.D., our daughter moving and changing jobs, our son changing jobs and moving. Now, we will be moving!!! DH Terry, was asked to come to Macon, Georgia to teach at Macon State College. We are so excited and looking forward to this new chapter in our book of life.

We will continue to keep our condo here in Florida for awhile, so that we have a place to stay when we come down to visit with friends.

The movers will come tomorrow - Wednesday to empty out the storage unit where most of my furniture has been for the past 2 years (we moved from our 5 bedroom home in Miami to a 2 bedroom condo in Palm City, Florida -about 2 hours north). We have some boxes and a couch, chair and chest of drawers that the movers will pick up from the condo. Terry will leave on Thursday and drive up to Macon to be ready for the delivery of the furniture on Friday. I will then pack up our two cats (who are just loving all the boxes and packaging paper) and the few plants that I own and head up to Macon on the 21st of August.

We found a lovely 2 bedroom apartment that is in a golf community and the porch overlooks a tee box and part of a fairway. This will be good view for Terry as he is grading papers.

Macon is a lovely small city with much Civil War History and lovely turn of the century homes. There is also a needlework shop, a needlepoint shop, a bead shop, several fabric stores and believe this my grocery store here in Florida has a store in Macon. What more could a gal want?

Well, I need to finish up with one more box of clothing for DH. TTFN Roberta