Friday, February 24, 2012

OH Where have I been???

Well, as you can tell by the title and the date of my last post - where have I been!! January was a very busy month - working at a college bookstore during registration and school starting week is quite hectic and busy - 11 to 12 hour days!!! This is for about 2 to 3 weeks.

Mid January I was heading to Pine Mountain, GA to Callaway Gardens NeedleArts School, where our EGA chapter was in charge of the exhibit, bookstore and merchandise night. I was the co-chair for merchandise night with Susan. There were 10 of us that were a head of a committee to put this event together. (Callaway does the actual school portion). I also, amid all of this - decided to take two Merry Cox Classes.

Le Nouveau Palais Royal and The Diminutive Sewing Set - both which are just not to be believed. Pictures do not even come close to beautiful these pieces are. I have some of the stitching done, but not much and some of the finishing is also done on pieces that didn't have stitching on them.

While at Callaway when we had some free time I did some beading below is a bracelet that was graduated color bicones from black to navy to crystal.

This is a flag bracelet and the technique of this design was being able to make the flags wave. Pretty neat!!

Here they are together still without their clasps.

I love the designs from Fern Ridge - here is Jack the rabbit with a 3 dimensional bunny tail - cute isn't it?

Did also manage to stitch up this Penny Doll's apron - this is from Olde Colonial Designs.

This was fun and fairly quick to stitch up.

OK, so you are thinking what else have you been doing??? these projects are not that time consuming - well, you are correct - the other big thing going on in my life is we decided to built me a new sewing room above the garage - so that has been taking up most of my time - stitching these last few weeks has been just about nil!!!! I did get two exchanges pieces stitched and mailed off on time - will show you those another day along with some photos of the new room.

Construction!!! can be tiresome - but the company we hired did a great job and were finished in 4 1/2 weeks!!! not bad, but we couldn't wait to get into the room. More later.

Thanks for visiting and for keeping me a part of your blog reading - I know I have said this before that I am back to the blogging world - but this time I am in high hopes of maintaining better computer time in my daily routine.

Sorry for such a long post - again thanks for stopping by.