Friday, December 4, 2009

Guardian Angel watching out for us

On Wednesday, December 2nd, Macon had yet another terrible storm - it seems that 2009 was the year of the rain!!! - We are no longer in a drought situation.

On this day, I went to work in the LNS to help out the owner, DH, Terry was at school teaching and DD, Lindsay was at work. Now this was probably a good thing for when we got home from work we found our neighborhood filled with broken branches along the streets and in everyones yards. However, upon looking out of our back window and subsequently going out onto the back deck - we found one of our trees had uprooted and fallen --- Thankfully it was away from our house!!!
Here is the hole that was where the tree stood.
This tree was huge in length!!.Here is the end just before it dropped into the stream.
The stream with branches from the fallen tree.

View of the back of our house about 1/2 the length of the tree.
View of back of the house with roots just outside of the garden bed.
On the other side of the garden bed at the foot of the stairs to the deck.
A view of the roots.

Needless to say, I am glad that I was not at home, for I am sure that I would have had a 'heart attack' hearing this huge tree fall.

Thank goodness it fell away from the house - we would have been living in a hotel and this computer and sewing room would no longer be!!!

Well off to get some stitching done - Have a great weekend and thank you for stopping by.


Monday, November 30, 2009

It's raining leaves!!

Sorry for not being around for so long - life just seems to get in the way!! but in a good way!! for the most part. Thought I would put up some pictures of what my yard looks like at this point in time - it rains leaves everyday and my yard is just covered. On this day it actually was raining!! you can see the rain drops on the picture below.
My Azalea bushes are in full bloom also.
Even the Camellia bushes are blooming. I just love this yard it blooms something all year long. The previous owner did an incredible job planting this yard, it is forever beautiful.Here is a close up of a Camilla bud.Yes, these Camillas are pink, the white ones will pop out in February/March! The bees are happy can you tell!!Will hopefully post some stitching soon - have to wait until some of the stitching is received by its new owners.

Hope you all are having a wonderful Holiday Season - We are in the throes of Christmas Decorating now. We had a nice quiet Thanksgiving, but Christmas will make up for it when our son comes in for a few weeks from San Francisco and my sister and niece from Ohio.

Thanks for dropping by --- I am hoping to be a better blogger and blog reader sometime soon, I hope!!!


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Christmas Ornament Exchanges

Well the holidays are just around the corner and I have already started decorating for Christmas. At least upstairs!!! Fall is still the main attraction on the first floor, but upstairs I put up my little Christmas tree that holds my handmade ornaments.

Below is from Julianne from our Christmas Ornament Exchange group. Isn't this mitten just darling. I so love the overdyed threads and this color red/mix is just beautiful -- thank you Julianne.
Here is the fabric backing, just so perfect!Below is my exchange piece that went to Rosalie.
Hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather and the stitching for the holidays.

Thanks for dropping by to visit. ---- Roberta

Monday, October 26, 2009

Ghouls Nite Out

A darling freebie from Tanya Anderson of The Sampler Girl. I thought a little pocket would be a perfect finish for this.One pocket is for my sister and the other is for my friend Jackie. Now I need to get one stitched for me!!
Happy Halloween everyone - be safe. ============ Roberta

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fall is here!

Cooler air feels so good and wearing slacks and sweaters is such a nice change from wearing summer clothing.

Below is the landing on the staircase that I decorated for Fall and Halloween. Everything there is hand made except for the Black Squirrel. The wishing well is from a gourd that I found in a craft show in Ohio. The pillows I made and the pumpkins where made by a friends son.
This is my front entry hall. Found this really neat pumpkin holder that looks like a spider web. If you click on the picture you can see it in better detail - it is on the left side.
Here is my little witch pendant - she is stitched over one. She is resting on another of the needle felted pumpkins done by my friend MaryAnn's son Brian.
Many years ago, I had taken up Tole painting, this other little witch was done in a class 15 years ago. I just think she is so cute, wish I could still paint like that!! Hope to get out into the yard and take some pictures, my Azaleas are blooming like mad and so are my Camilla's. It has been a very rainy week but it looks like the sun may be out and shining today!!!

Hope everyone is enjoying the Fall Season and thank you for stopping by to visit.


Monday, October 5, 2009

Well it's a rainy day in Georgia!

Good Morning, it has rained all night and what a wonderful way to sleep - the windows open and the soft pitter patter of rain drops. Fall is definitely in the air and the leaves are starting to turn. The picture on the top of my blog is from last year, hoping that this year will be just a beautiful.

I finally have the laundry done, the house clean and today will get my grocery shopping done! Life gets so crazy when I have multiple things going on at one time and September was one of those months.

As I mentioned in previous blog entries, I had the needlework exhibition, which is over and my needlework is back on the wall in my house.

Below is a picture of my 'doodle' cloth for my Reticello class, not sure how I will finish it off, but even though it is not perfect, except where the last stitches are, I will finish it into something.This is the drawn thread mini workshop that Diane Clements taught after our EGA Meeting, I am almost done and then put it together and Voila!!
Here are the beads that I did at the 2 day beading workshop!!! Didn't get much done, but this is the results of lots of trying to understand the concept and then doing it!! I really liked doing this and hope to finish several more beads to make a small center design for a necklace!

The strip you see on the bottom left is a starter strip so that you do not have to try and hold these small beads as you are threading them together.

The 2 beads to the right with thread are still works in progress.

Below is the second 'Breast Cancer' scarf that I have knitted. The local knitting shop Creative Yarns, does a whole month of breast cancer support. On October 1st she give anyone who wants to knit a skein of yarn to make a scarf, I turned in one on the 3rd. Then they do a 2 day 'knit-a-tit-a-thon. There is a pattern that knits up into a sweet little breast (tit)shape. Will post mine when I get it finished. Both the scarves and the knitted breast shape will be donated.

I also taught a small stitching project to the local Cancer group at my health club, will post pictures of that later, need to find the project bag that the samples are in!!
Now since I have nothing better to do and since my knitting needles where in such a mess, I decided to make myself a needle roll for my knitting needles.One side is for my double pointed and the other is for my straight needles, my circular already have a store bought case to hold them.A lot of my needles are from my mom or mine from when I was a child.

So that is what I have been up to, now I am off to exercise class which I haven't been to in a month!! And then to Walmart to start the grocery shopping.

Hope you all have a wonderful day - Think Pink!!! October is Breast Cancer Month!!


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A quick peek of September's events

Below is a picture of the finished piece from the Reticello Workshop I took with Diane Clements. Now this is Diane's piece and with some luck mine might look similar to this someday!!!
Below is a shot of the necklace made by Laura who taught the "Beaded Beads" class, again someday mine might look like this.
Here is a picture of some of the gals that I stitched with when I lived in Miami, Florida. All of us have moved except one who still lives and works in Miami. It was great fun having everyone meet up at the Bulloch Hall Needlework Exhibit in Atlanta (Roswell).
This is a shot of my piece (the one on the left) Beatrix Potter that was displayed in Bulloch Hall.
Since this is still busy, busy September, I have very little time to show you my progress on the beading and reticello pieces, but will hopefully be able to get that done this weekend.

This week I am working at the LNS to help out the owner, then off to Columbus on Friday for stitching with friends there. On Thursday nite I will stop at the local knitting shop and pick up my packet to knit a scarf for "Breast Cancer". There is lots going on, just wishing the speeding train will slow down a bit so I can catch my breath.

Thanks for stopping by - will catch up with you all hopefully this weekend.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Busy Busy September

Hi All, just a quick note to let you know that I am still around but have been busy with the Needlework Exhibition at Bulloch Hall in Roswell, GA. Went to the Yellow Daisy Festival that same weekend, then worked as a docent on Saturday and several of my stitching friends, from Miami, who have moved or traveled to Georgia, got together for lunch. It was a great time and a wonderful weekend.

The next Thursday was off to Athens for a "Beaded Bead" workshop and then off to a "girl" weekend with friends in North Carolina!! The travel from Athens, GA to NC was terrible what with the torrential rains. I continued on since I was closer to NC than to my house (Athens is half way between). The weekend was a great one despite the rain, went to a play on Saturday nite, watched movies, ate, drank, did a bit of shopping when the weather was clear and also visited with other friends and went to an Artisan Exhibit. Came home on Tuesday and then off to work on Wednesday and today, Another workshop!!! This one with Diane Clements from California. Today was 'Drawn Work' and tomorrow and Saturday will be Reticello work.

On Monday, I teach a class at the cancer workshop at the Wellness Center here in Macon, so needless to say - I have NO TIME!!!

There is still more happening, but I need to get to my sewing room and get ready for tomorrow's class.

Will have pictures and more explainations hopefully sometime next week --- oh yeah, I work on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - then off to a stitchin on Friday in Columbus, GA!!

I know, I'm nuts - but sure am learning lots - hope to get the lots done!!!

Have a great weekend everyone.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More finishes - Needlerolls

I am trying to get some of my stitching that is done into finished form and below are two needlerolls that I put together.

This is from the Thank You, Sarah Tobias booklet from Blackbird Designs.

A closeup of the top.
A closeup of the middle section
And this is the bottom - just love the wool felt color that I found that matches the thread and the color on the backing fabric.
Below is from The Sampler Girl - Jane Austen collection - Return To The Sea. This is originally a sampler, but I thought it would look nice as a needle roll and I am very pleased how it turn out and I like the movement that the backing fabric has.
I did change some of the thread colors since I pulled from my stash and I didn't have all the suggested fibers.
Unlike Sarah Tobias, I decided to put in a pincushion, thread rings, and a wool needlebook.
I just loved stitching and finishing these two project. At the moment both are on display in Roswell, GA at Bulloch Hall.

Glad you dropped in for a visit --- Roberta

Monday, September 14, 2009

Cape Cod Girls finished

Well, I finally sat down and photographed my CCG sampler. I had finished her awhile back but never had a chance to get her on the blog.
This was a fun stitch, which I did with several on-line friendsI didn't have the 40ct fabric that was suggested but used a Luguna which had a bluish molted look to it - so my sampler is a bit bigger than the original.Now my problem will be when I do the male version of this sampler, I will need to find similar fabric so they will be the same size and hopefully the same color tone.This was a fun stitch and I do know that one other of the gals who was in this SAL has finished, but I believe the others are persevering. What is hard now is the holidays are coming and so much other projects are capturing our interests.

Have some more finished which I hope to post tomorrow -- see you then -- Roberta

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Exchange stitching

Isn't this the cutest prim ornament - it came from Lynda.
We are part of an Ornament Exchange group I made a biscornu for my Prairie Schooler exchange partner.

I received this from Lynda who also happened to have my name for the PS exchange as well.

This is what I made for Becky for the Ornament Exchange.
This is the ornament in its finished form - I forgot to take a photo of it so I had to pull it off of the net and not being computer literate, I couldn't figure out how to make it smaller or to move it.

Well off to get some more finishing and stitching done - I am on a roll

Thanks for visiting --- Roberta