Thursday, July 21, 2011

A quick Hello

to say that - no I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth YET!!!

Life has just been extremely busy and my computer time and my stitching time has suffered greatly- will explain soon.

Just wanted to share with you the cat that is too big for the small box. Cats love boxes, paperbags, small spaces in closets and chasing sheets as one makes a bed.

Well, here is Mars sitting/sleeping in a box from Sam's club (big box warehouse store). He loves this tiny box - why is beyond our family's understanding, but it is just way too funny and cute!!
This is some flowers and spearmint from the yard - smelled great!

The Hydragea's were lovely, but with the heat we have been having, my bushes are just not too happy, but here is another view - do note that large cat is still in small box just under the purple flower.

Now some of my flowers are simply a food source for the locals - we have visitors daily and there are hardly any flowers left in the yard. LOL

Now as for stitching - that has taken a big hit - have worked on a few smallish items and have been knitting a bit - dish/wash cloths, and knitting socks - have 3 going and only one sock is almost done from the three pairs!! I do miss my computer time and stitching time, but I do try to drop in and visit blogs - usually do not have time for commenting since I visit during work. I am hoping life will ease up for my by mid September.

Thank you for stopping by ----------------- Roberta