Sunday, January 30, 2011

Some finishes

Well, I am happy to say that I have finished 4 ornaments for the month of January.

Below is a freebie from Sandy.
The next 3 ornament Raindeers are from Sharon at DaffyCat, they are so cute, and a fun and quick stitch.

I love to make washcloths/dishcloths as gifts for friends. Below is a pattern I did this past month it says "Happy 2011".
These 3 little heart squares are for a neo natal unit at an area hospital - the mother wears the square for a day or 2 and then when the infant is born it is placed in the incubator with them and the smell of the Mom is present with the baby.
Now you all know that I can stitch or knit or whatever at work on occasion when it isn't busy, well it has finally slowed down at work and I was able to knit two scarves using the PomPom yarn from Michael's. One of the girls at work loved the scarf and wanted to learn to knit one, but I thought learning to knit with pompoms might be a bit overwhelming so I will make her her scarf this coming week. DD, Lindsay also loved the scarf - her pompom yarn is the pink one shown.
Both of these scarves where knitted on #8 needles, but you can use any size on up. I casted on 8 stitches on the brown one and 10 on the purple one. Just knit as usual pushing the pompom out of the way - usually I was able to get 2 stitches between each pompom, but sometimes 3 stitches and once in a while only one.

Well, need to go and work on some other projects that need to be done - one is a WIP and the other is a new start.

You can see on my side board the list of new and wips that I want to do this year.

Thank you for dropping by -- will put up some photo's of the Callaway classes in the next day or two.


Friday, January 28, 2011

So where have you been???

Good Morning and yes it is a great morning, I actually am home and have the entire day - OK the entire weekend all to myself!!!!

Life has gotten in the way these past several weeks, so I want to apologize to my blogging friends for not stopping by to visit - though I am slowly getting caught up with all that everyone is doing.

Christmas was wonderful, but so busy before and then after - had to go to our condo (with no internet) in Florida the week between Christmas and New Year's. Then it was registration at the college and for two weeks I worked 10 to 13 hour days, so computer time was very limited.

After two weeks of work, I had signed up to go to Callaway Gardens NeedleArts retreat a year ago, Off I went to Callaway to stitch for 6 days. It was great fun and so relaxing - again computer time very limited.

Then back to work, but on regular schedule and have spent the last week and 1/2 trying to get the house back in order, and get caught up with messages and blogs - I am slowing getting the blog reading done.

During all this time - I managed to stitch everyday - well, let me clarify this!!! My New Year's resolution was to put at least one stitch in every day. Well, some days it was only about 4 or 5 stitches!! But I am back to doing more stitches a day now!!! YEAH!

I have finished stitching yet another ornament (total of 4) and have knitted two scarves and a washcloth and just about finished the second sock of a pair that I had started last year!!

Will have pictures in a day or two - today I am hoping to straighten out my sewing room and to get some serious stitching done - actually that is the plan for the entire weekend.

Sorry for not being around - I do appreciate it when someone does drop in for a visit.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend ---------Roberta

Saturday, January 8, 2011

A quick Hello

Just wanted you all to know that I am working 12 to 13 hour days at the college bookstore because of registration and the start of classes, so I am way behind on my blog and message readings. I will be working again this coming week Monday (unless it snows!!!!fingers crossed), Tuesday and Wednesday. Then I am off to Callaway Gardens to a Needlework convention for 6 days. So after all that is over I should be able to sit and start catching up with my blog reading.

I am still making sure that I put in a stitch each day - which is part of my New Years' resolution, now mind you I said A STITCH!!!

Thank you for stopping by.


Monday, January 3, 2011

Dishcloths, Pillow Cases, Ornaments and TUSAL

Good Monday Morning to you all,
It is a cold crisp day here in Central Georgia and the house is almost back to normal. Both DH and I have the day off - school starts tomorrow and then computer time, stitching time and reading time will be limited. First, I am about 1 week behind in my blog reading and hope to get caught up today, please forgive me if I do not make a comment, I do so love reading about all the wonderful blogging out there in the stitching, knitting, quilting and cooking world, but sometimes life gets in the way and my time is not always my own!! This Christmas was busy with company, cooking and visiting, then a trip to Florida to check on our condo there - that we decided to put up for SALE!!!

Today is a bit of a catch up with what I have been doing - below is my TUSAL (totally useless SAL) This is my orts and such for 2010.
Below is my beginning TUSAL for 2011 - this is January 1st orts.
I did manage to get two ornaments stitched - this is a freebie from Sharon and she has two more raindeers, both are ready to be stitched (actually started one of them). They are just too cute, I love them.
Below is a freebie from Sandy - decided to do this in an overdyed fiber and I like how it looks.
This is the beginning of my quest to do an ornament a month (hopefully more, but at least one a month) Now I know I have 2 done, but work starts tomorrow and I have WIPS to finish and some new designs to start!! and spring is around the corner and then my yardwork will kick in!!

I also like to knit/crochet dishcloths, which I gave for presents with a nice bar of soap. Below are the last ones to be given away, forgot to photo the others.
Love to make pillow cases - here are two that I made up for my SIL, I love the colors and fabric as did she.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and/or holiday season. Wishing you all a happy and prosperous New Year.

Thank you for visiting ------ Friendship in Stitching ------ Roberta