Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A quick post before vacation!!

Thought I would sit for a bit and read some blogs - I am way behind in my blog reading. I got though several and I am not commenting on them, but will be back in full swing come July.

DH, Terry, has been invited to make a presentation at a conference in Cassino, Italy and we scraped enough money for me to tag along - excitement is in the air!!! These past 2 months have been so hectic, what with the beach retreat, the Sherri Jones workshop, helping my friend Diane move and working the temp job at the college - I feel like I have been wrung dry!!

The nice part of this trip will obviously be all the sightseeing in Rome, Naples and Cassino, but we decided to add Paris to the trip. Well, before we head to Paris we will stop and visit with a friend, Francoise (who I have been internet chatting with for over 5 years). We are so excited to be able to have worked that into the itinerary!!! So I will be gone for about 3 weeks, unless we are someplace where there is free internet!!

I wanted to share a few pictures with you all -- Below is a 'Fair Charlotte' waxer that was part of the workshop with Sherri Jones. Isn't she cute?
The porcelain doll in very tiny and the wax is first poured into a thimble then you stick the doll tiny doll in. The tough job is getting her out!!!
Caught this shot of Papa Cardinal getting food for the babies - he and momma take turns coming to the feeder.
We took out the built in bookcase/tv cabinet and put a small cabinet against the wall to hold the TV until the new built in is done!! (which is not even on the drawing board yet!!). But, if you know cats they always love to be part of the newest changes that go on!!! They are thinking they could settle in!!! wrong!!
And finally, two crocheted hats for DD Lindsay, she loves funky hats, saw these patterns, so I thought I would whip the out - did it during slow times at the temp. job. They turned out pretty good - especially the red one. I need to rip out some of the blue one, the edging is a bit too loose!!
Well, I need to go and finish the laundry and get things ironed and packed. We leave tomorrow for Ohio to attend our niece's college graduation and then visit with my sister, niece and nephew (who is flying in from Quatar). We leave for Rome next Wednesday and will return to the States on June 29/30.

Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful month of June - I will try to post if I can while away ---------- Roberta

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Scissor Keeper Exchange

Hi everyone, finally finished work at the temp job and hoping to get some order back in my life, at least for a week!!! We leave on vacation next Thursday!!! I know, my life is just way too busy, it is amazing I get anything done at all!!

I participated in a scissor exchange which was fun.

Below is a scissor bag that I sent to my exchange partner Angela.

This was a kit that I purchased when I was in England a few years ago and I thought it was cute and a bit different. Obviously, I didn't get it stitched (is this a surprise!!) but thought it would be fun to stitch for the exchange. It is a bit different than most scissor keepers but I liked the idea of a bag. The design was really pretty and the colors were lovely. I think if I do this again for me, I will change some of the tones to be a bit deeper. I am not really a pastel type of gal even though I like the look.
Below is the exchange piece I received from Kathy who was my exchange partner. Isn't this adorable, I love the colors.
I also love the little pink bag and the Mary Engelbreit card - I love Mary Engelbreit things. Thanks for stopping by -- will try to get a quick post off before I go to Italy and France.