Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Giveaway and some Thrift Shop Finds

Since I will never stitch the 'spring' chart again and it was something that I found in a closeout basket, I thought maybe someone else would like to stitch this. The chart is a bit beat up, it is how I bought it, but the inside is intact and readable.

If you are interested leave me your name and e-mail addy in this comment section and I will pull names on Monday, April 26th.
Below is a closeup of what the chart looks like stitched, you can order buttons for this piece, if you wish.
Found these little watering cans at a thrift shop.
This one is stamped made in Holland.
This one says made in England. I love them!
I found this at a Habitat for Humanity thrift shop along with some books. This will do nicely, I hope, with my Ikebana flower arranging.
Tomorrow I am heading out to the Panhandle of Florida for a stitcher's beach retreat for the weekend, so I will not be around for a few days. Will catch up when I return on Sunday evening.

Well off to finish packing - have a good day ---------- Roberta

Sunday, April 18, 2010

And Yes, more yard pictures and one stitching picture

Here is Sanctuary, I have not been a good stitcher with this piece, but I still hope to get it finished by the end of May!!!
So why haven't I been a good stitcher, you might ask!!??

We have been having lots of work done in our yard. Last year, if you remember, a huge tree fell in our yard, well they finally took it away. We have been having beautiful non rainy weather so the tree removal company was able to come and cut the tree up and move it out of the yard.

Because of all the rain we had, we lost a lot of our lawn on the side of the house and in the backyard.

So without any further ado here is my new backyard, plants are little but they will get big quickly and there is still plenty of room for me to plant more things!! ;o)))
Here is a 'pink knockout rose' up close and personal - isn't she pretty!!
This one is the reddish one.
Here is the pink bush.
This is the front of the house as it goes down the side of the house.
We had the landscaper terrace the side yard and look what they did - they added stairs in the wall and then found large rocks in our back bushy area and made stepping stairs.
I just love this and there is still so much room for planting!!
Here we are at the bottom of the side yard - I just love the look and I know it will look great once the plants become established and when I add new plants.
Found this great 'hose keeper' pot at Sam's Club and thought what a great place for your hose and good looking for the garden!!All and all - DH, DD and I are very pleased with the landscaping job and how nice our yard is starting to look. Still have much to do, but it will have to wait until May.

Thanks for visiting - have a terrific week - Roberta

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Some stitching finishes, more flowers and baking!!

Life gets so busy sometimes, what with going out of town (heading out once again this afternoon), working in the yard, cleaning out closets and drawers for the neighborhood yard sale (April 17th)and then just trying to get some stitching and finishing done!! WHEW!!

This is a little scissor fob that was a kit from Ewe and Eye and friends (year 2000).
I think this might be where it will sit as it's new home.
This little pin keep is from Homespun Elegance = Bits and Pieces "Summer Fun"
I am thinking this would be a good spot for this to hang!
Here is "Spring" in a pillow form - I had stitched this about a month or so ago.
Here is the back - I love the fabric that I had found.
I am thinking this would be a good home for 'spring'
So I have had to go to several events and bring food - this is from the Barefoot Contessa - carrot cake - made into mini muffins.
Iced with cream cheese frosting and some sauted carrots sprinkled on top. These were yummy!! today I am making the actual cake to take with me.
Below is a shot of a Dogwood flower from one of the trees in the yard.
And yet another picture of the Dogwood - I love the white Dogwoods, but would love to get a pink one!!
And finally a picture of a wild violet - this is where there should be grass, but with all the rain we had over the past year and especially the last few months - a lot of the grassy area's in the yard are now dirt!!!
Thanks for stopping by --- have a great weekend and week ------ Roberta

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Catching up and Getting Ready for Spring and Summer

Hi All, Have been busy getting the yard ready now that the weather has finally warmed up. So between stitching, yard work and cleaning out closets for the neighborhood yard sale, life has been full.

Also, was down in Florida to attend a meeting for the EGA (Embroiderer's Guild of America) National Seminar 2011 in Naples, Florida. Planned the trip so that I could spend some time with my friend Diane and help her and her Mom, Mildred get packed up. They are moving to Macon. I am so excited that they will be near by - Diane is an incredible stitcher and is very creative, so I am expecting that I will be doing some very different stitching things!!

Here in Macon, spring is just beautiful - this is the home of an incredible display of Cherry Trees, and there is an annual Cherry Blossom Festival. The entire county (Bibb) is just abloom with cherry trees - it is amazing to see. Unfortuately, once again I have missed the Festival, but hopefully next year I will be here.

Below are pictures of my yard - my tulips are coming up.
Here is a flower bed in the front of the garage.
Violets and tulips in a bird bath.
The cherry trees in my yard at full bloom
Can you see how pink the flowers on the tree are?
Well, that is it for now, have more to share later, the daffidols are blooming, need to get some pictures of them. Will hopefully have a stitch finish to share as well.

I am about 10 days behind in my blog reading, so please be patient with me while I try to catch up with you all.

Happy Easter my friends and thank you for stopping by.