Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sewing Room After

As you all know Terry and I purchased a house here in Macon at the end of March and moved within two weeks - and I had posted pictures of my sewing room - full of boxes, you could barely walk into the room.
Well with the help of IKEA this is the result of the unpacking of the sewing room.
There is still much tweaking that I need to do and still lots of sorting and reorganizing, but I am at least able to work in my room and actually find things.
Most everything fits pretty well, just need to find a better way to store the fabric, which is still in two moving boxes!
The nice part is that I have a small desk, again thanks to IKEA, and a little daybed for company when the guest room is occupied.

I am loving my new space, thank you for visiting ---- Roberta


Nancy said...

Big sighs Roberta! What a treasure trove of goodies you have. What fun it would be to get lost in this room for a few hours!

Nancy said...

I'm not sure it is, but your desk looks like the one I bought also at Ikea. Mine doesn't have the top part and I bought a rolling drawer part for under it.
My sewing room has slanting sides so no shelving for me.
You look quite organized. Very nice room.
Nancy V

hazel c UK said...

Oh Roberta what a beautiful sewing/craft room you, I really do need to organise myself a bit more.
Thank you for sharing your new home and garden with us.
Warm hug, Hazel

maggie price said...

Roberta, your one busy lady. The house looks great. Glad you got to shart this with us. maggie

maggie price said...

Roberta, your one busy lady. The house looks great. Glad you got to shart this with us. maggie

Fran├žoise said...

ooooo fantastic!!!!

Heidi said...

This is not a sewing room...this is a storeroom for a shop. :) I now will not say I have so much stash afterall.

Hugs ~

Marcy said...

Wow Roberta! This is a fantastic space! I need to do this in my sewing room!

Carolien said...

How wonderful to have so much storage room, it looks great!
I wish you many happy and productive hours in this new room.

Greetings, Carolien

P.S. Love your cats, by the way.

Brigitte said...

Roberta, this is a dream of a sewing and stitching room. So many wonderful stash. I'd like to spend a couple of days in there just to admire all of it, lol. Enjoy this room!


Solstitches said...

Oh my! I am speechless. I spent some time hunting for Francoise sure she might be camped out somewhere in the room :)
Oh please can I come and stay? I would like to sleep on that daybed LOL.