Saturday, March 16, 2013

Hi all, this is a non stitching post - it has been a busy week -- Book Club on Tuesday then the Annual Cherry Blossom Festival which opened yesterday Friday.  So the Friday newspaper is printed on PINK newsprint paper.  Unfortunately this came out upside down and I tried to get it right side up - to no avail!!
I spent most of the week planning and doing designs for the Ikebana exhibit that will be placed in one of the historic homes in Macon, Georgia.
 Below is my final designs.  I used pine branches and Protia flowers.  I did the mantel and the fireplace.
There were about 23 of us that did one or two designs on Thursday in preparation for the Festival which will last for about 10 days.  We all take turns going to the house to water the designs and to make sure that they are still looking good.  If there is an issue the original designer is called and they go and fix up their design.
                                        My design in the fireplace in the front music room
                                              The view of the whole fireplace and both designs

                                                     A close up of the mantel design.
Thank you for stopping by - hope to have some photos of my cherry trees in my yard soon.  They still haven't bloomed just yet!!!


Friday, March 8, 2013

Some stitching and where I stitch

Good Morning all,  Thought I would show you where I do my stitching, knitting and magazine reading!
Below is in my sewing hideaway (please ignore the mess!!!)  This is where I stitch things in frames, also do my beading here as well.  I also listen to my audio books in this room and will sometimes watch - actually listen to the television.
In the foreground is Dorcas Haynes and Quaker Pincushion is where the high black chair is.  In the background stacked in plastic boxes are my multiple WIPS.
                                            Here is the Quaker Pincushion stitching area.
                                                 This is the start of the second pincushion.
                                                    Here is the start of Doras Haynes.
 Below is where I knit and read my magazines while watching the Television with the family in the evenings.  Sometimes I do sit here during the day reading as well - depending on my mood.
 This is a sock that I am knitting at the moment - I am in catch up mode with my knitting projects!!  It is bad enough that I have multiple stitching Works In Progress - I do not need to have multiple knitting projects as well!!!  I also, try to keep my beading projects also up to day
 Here is my morning and sometimes dinner cooking stitching area.  This is where I sit in the morning watching the news, drinking coffee and getting everyone off to work.  My faithful companion is my sister's cat Jazmine, who is about 14 years old.  She usually sits behind me (as I am pushed to sit on the very edge of the chair) while I stitch and then takes over the whole chair when I leave!!
Well, that is it for this week, next week will be a bit busy, Book Club in at my house on Tuesday evening - I chose the  Tales of Hill Top Farms by Susan Wittig Alberts.  It is mostly fiction with true parts regarding the life of Beatrix Potter when she purchased Hill Top Farms.  It is a darling story and so very different that what we usually read but I wanted to do something light and easy to read.

This week is also the start of the Cherry Blossom Festival here in Macon, Georgia - it is a big event.  It is said that Macon has the largest number of Cherry Trees in the USA, more that Washington DC!  I have 5 trees in my yard - will post a photo next week of my trees - one of which has already bloomed and is getting ready to leaf.

I belong to an Ikebana group and we put arrangements in one of the historic homes during this time - so most of my time will be practicing my design - not much stitching I afraid!!!

Thank you for stopping by  --  see you next week - I will probably be a day late in posting.


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Some stitching and knitting

Hi everyone,  did a bit of stitching this past week.  I once again picked up Quaker Christmas which I started in 2009 and for whatever reason it got put away, taken out, put away and now it is taken out and will be finished hopefully with in the next month!
Now for this past weeks finishes -
one of the pincushions from Scarlet Letter's Quaker Pincushions.
I was lucky to have a friend who happened to have the same dye lot of thread that I was using for this internet SAL.  I ran out of thread just at the end of the last set of numbers.  I am so thankful, now to get it framed.
 Here is a piece from Beth Twist that I showed last week, the stitching is done, now to finish it into a little pin keep.
I took a knitting sock a month class last year and each month I only got one sock done!!!  so this year I am knitting the 2nd sock.

I am taking an internet class with Jackie duPlessis via the Shining Needle so here is my start for this.  All the stitching needs to be done before March 18th, then we put everything together as a group.  I am really excited about doing this - isn't this design the cutest!!!???  All the supplies and instructions come to you either via postal mail or the internet.  So far so fun.
Well that is it for now  -- see you all next week  --  thanks for stopping by.