Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Beatrix Potter Stitching

Well, I am really getting caught up - while in Ohio with my sister, I found this Beatrix Potter cross stitch chart in the sale bin at the stitching shop in Berlin. Then while I was poking around at some antique shops here in Macon, I found these two little BP books - so of course I needed to have them. My DH just stood there shaking his head wondering why I would want old children books.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My trip to Ohio

I am finally getting caught up with posting about my travels over the last several months. In November, I went to Ohio to spend time with my sister, Jean. It is our birthday get together. Her birthday is on November 13th and my birthday is December 5. We went to Amish country for a few days and shopping around Lancaster where she lives. They have wonderful country store with great merchandise for shopping.

Jean and I started our trip with a drive on the country roads to Wooster, Ohio where there is a charming store and restaurant - The Pine Tree Barn. We had lunch and went shopping in this incredible store which carries things from beautiful furniture to Christmas ornaments to household items, soaps and dried and silk flowers. It was a fun way to start our trip, we then headed off to the hotel in Berlin, Ohio.

While in Ohio I try to visit with friends. When in Amish Country my friend, Linda, from when we lived in Tampa, Florida came down from the Cleveland area and met Jean and I for lunch at a charming little restaurant in Charm, Ohio. We then went shopping and walking and talking at Mrs. Millers General Store, which is a wonderful quilt shop in one building and a gift/finished quilt shop next door. Great frabrics. We then traveled a few miles north to the town of Berlin where we went to the Christmas shop as we were heading into the parking lot at the Christmas Shop one of the ponies from the little farm next door, had escaped and was prancing about in the drive way!! Way toooo cute, but a bit dangerous for the little guy. (he was captured and put back in his pen)

After shopping at the Christmas Shop we said goodbye to Linda and Jean and I walked about Berlin and checked out some of the shops usually like to frequent and then we went into mykind of shop a quilting store and a stitching shop. I was of course in heaven and made a few purchases. Jean in the meantime checked out the Chili Shop ?? go figure, way out of character for the area, but great products.

On the way home we took some back roads and found a nice Bulk Food Shop and stopped and shopped some more!!! (are you getting the picture here!!) We continued on the back roads and stopped for lunch in another small town (cannot remember name) had another great lunch, did some more shopping!!! and then we headed home.

Jean went back to work and I headed over to Lebanon, Ohio and meet Ellen Chester for lunch and yes, yet again some shopping!!! We ate at the Golden Lamb Inn, very charming and quaint. Ellen and I walked upstairs to the guest rooms and were able to see the room that were furnished in antiques and period pieces. After the chamber maids clean the rooms they put a red velvet rope across the doorways so visitors can see the rooms. What a great thing to do and it added to our visit.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Working on Christmas Cards

Hi everyone, Have been working on my Christmas cards, I am up to about 53 cards so far and have about another 30 to go. Should be done by tomorrow.

I added a picture of our daughter's new kitten. Her name is Natsuki and she is a tiny little tuxedo kitty. She is so darn cute and just loves to be petted and she purrs up a storm. Lindsay and Natsuki came to visit Terry and I in Macon and our cats, Mars and Ms Saddles - were not very friendly to this cute little kitten. It was quite funny to watch them avoid Natsuki.

Well, this past Wednesday was my birthday, it was a nice quiet day, but lots of birthday wishes and cards and even some presents. Terry got me a Jim Shore Sheep (I love sheep) and a gourd sewing basket. Lindsay gave me a statue of Tinkerbell (Ilove Tink). Received a lovely jar of body butter from my son - Italian Blood Orange - smells great. My sister gave me several things - towels, a cute acorn candy dish (Ilove acorns) and several other things that are now packed away for when we find our new house.

Well, hope everyone is enjoying the Holiday Season.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

View from our apartment

Well, here is a view from our apartment here in Macon, Georgia. I also, put the cupcake pincushion as part of the view.

Today, I will be going with a realtor to look at houses on a more serious basis. I am looking forward to this.

Won this cupcake pincushion

Several months ago, a stitching friend from Holland, Heidi, ran a contest on her blog and I was one of the lucky winners. Heidi, is quite the accomplished stitcher and quilter. She also, is a bobbin lace maker. A very talented gal. I wanted to share this when I received it, but with moving and the traveling that I had been doing, computer time was not always on the agenda.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Some stitching I made for Jackie's Birthday

Hi Everyone, just wanted to post some stitching that I had made for Jackie for her birthday. It is the red and gold Whitman Tin using the Jane Timmers pattern for the smalls. I am also going to post some of the purchases of stash that I have accumulated over the past several months.

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Finally pictures of my travels!

Hi all, sorry for being such a poor blogger, but having not been home and on the go since August and not always having a computer available, I have fallen behind on what is going on in my crazy life.

In October, I helped out a friend in North Carolina. My friend Jackie had knee replacement and I went to help her out. She has a darling dachsund named "Gunther. Jackie lives on a mountain and Gunther and I would walk and walk and walk. The weather was absolutely beautiful while I was there. Not only did Gunther and I walk, but we meet up with friends of Jackie's who also own dogs and we would go on group dog walks. It was great fun and everyone including all the dogs were wonderful and very friendly. I miss my time there, but I am glad to be back home with my DH, Terry.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Visit with an internet friend Nancy

Hi all, On Wednesday, I was able to leave my girlfriend, Jackie in North Carolina to go and meet and visit with Nancy, from one of my yahoo groups. Nancy and I hit if off right away and we just chattered the whole 3 hours I was there. Her house is just darling what with her great bargains from e-bay, yard sales and of course her great sense of decorating. She is a very accomplished stitcher and her samplers and stitched pieces are all on display. (she is one of those who not only finishes the stitching but has them framed or finished into something).

One of my favorite things that Nancy came up with was making a mosaic out of some broken china (one was a tea pot that was very special to her) and putting it into the floor of her kitchen where a cabinet once stood. (she had her kitchen redone by her also very talented husband - know to our group as King Kevin)

We had lunch at Panera Bread Company after which I needed to head back to the North Carolina mountains to my friend Jackie's house.

As an update - Jackie has done absolutely wonderful with her recovery from knee replacement surgery. She has been up and walking with only a cane and sometimes without it and it has only been 2 1/2 weeks.

I have not been stitching as much as usual, but that is OK since a lot of my time is spent walking Jackie's dachsund "Gunther" up and down the mountain roads and fields. I should be in great physical shape by the time I leave North Carolina.

I do have pictures to share, unfortunately I am unable to upload them to this computer, but I will be home by next week and will try to get them on my blog for you all to see.

It is a rainy day today, so we are settling down to finish up computer things and then Jackie and I will watch the Beatrix Potter movie on DVD - I may even try to work on my Beatrix Potter Sampler as we watch. The sampler is almost done - YEAH!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Autumn in North Carolina

My life has been so hectic for the last few month, it seems that I never have time to write on my blog. At the moment I am in North Carolina helping out my friend who has had knee surgery. Though my husband and I are in the process of moving to Macon, Georgia and since the move was quick in coming, I am sort of in limbo trying to complete several things that were planned.

My girlfriend, Jackie, is doing great, she is up and about walking with a cane and doing her exercises with great agility. We even took a short drive to have lunch out and to stop at the drugstore to get more pain meds. It was good for her to get out of the house, but it did tire her out.

My main purpose though is to walk her 8 month old doxie puppy, Gunther. I do this about 5 times a day. Now mind you I live in flat!!! Florida and my girlfriend lives in the mountains. Walking was definitely a challenge for me. It has been 11 days and I am actually walking up hill with good speed and plenty of breath - finally. Gunther is a miniature dauchsand (SP?), but he loves to run with the big dogs. I am hoping to get some pictures of that one of these days.

I am finding time to stitch, mostly working on Halloween things and finishing up my Beatrix Potter Samper.

Will try to stay more on top of my daily events now that I have a bit of time and not traveling about.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Hi Everyone, Sorry for not being such a great blogger, but life seems to have me on the road for the past month.

As you have previously read, I was heading up to Macon, Georgia with the kitties and my plants. The trip went very well - a 7 hour trip door to door with only 2 very short stops. On the whole the kitties were very good. I was concerned how they were going to do on such a long trip and since I was doing this solo, I wanted them to be comfortable and not be anxious!! So my Vet gave me a few Valium (telling me to only give each kittie 1/2 of a pill. The staff also gave me what is called pocket treats - which is a small treat with a hole in it - where you put medicine. Very clever idea! So for about a week and a half, I would get up in the morning, clean the kitty box, give them fresh water, new food, open the back porch door and turn on my coffee pot. I started out giving Mars and Ms Saddles a 1/2 of the pocket treat with nothing in it. After a few days I then gave them a whole treat - again with nothing inside. A few more days pass and I would fill the pocket treat with a very small crunchy treat inside. Now mind you this has become a routine each morning. The morning of the move I follow the same routine but have put the 1/2 of the Valium pill in the treat and Mars just scoffs down his treat - OK one down One to go!!! Ms Saddles wanted no part of the treat!!!! What's a mommy to do!!!!

I continue to pack up the car and it is very hot outside in the 90's WHEW! Everything is pack except the cooler and the kitties. Ms Saddles still has not eaten her treat!!! Who says female aren't smart!!!?? Mars at this point is quite lethargic. So a quick shower and then into the carriers the kitties go. I put Ms Saddles treat in her carrier with her in hopes that she will eat it once we are on the road.

We set off about 9:00am and the traffic was light and the weather was beautiful, not a cloud in the sky - that meant no rain. The kitties fall asleep and are quiet. After about 4 1/2 hours on the road husband Terry calls to see where I am at and that woke the them up. So I pull into a rest stop to let them out of their carriers they gingerly come out but are not into checking out the car and they crawl into each others carrier. So off I go make another quick stop to get gas. All of a sudden it dawns on me that the treat for Ms Saddles may still be in her carrier - oh well too late now both are asleep and I am almost to Macon.

Arrive in Macon and Ms Saddles is curious and cautious just as cats should be - now Mars on the other hand is curious but bolder. He definitely was not himself and he kept us awake all nite, he was wide eyed and fiesty. Not in a bad way but was definitely wired so I knew he ate the other treat!!!! Luckily it was several hours after the 1st treat.

Both cats have settled nicely in the 2 bedroom apartment and are loving the fact that it gets cool at night and we open the windows so they can sit on the window sills. Very cute.

Well, that is part one of the trip. Will continue with the trip to NC and Chicago and then back to Florida another day.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Getting ready for the Tuesday drive

Hi all, well today I am finishing up all the odds and ends of things that need to go to our new residence in Georgia. I will be packing my clothes today and putting the violets in a box for traveling.

Tuesday morning should be a fun day since I will start it off with trying to give Ms Saddles and Mars a 1/2 of a valium that the Vet gave me. (I'm thinking I may need the valium more than they do??!!) I will be driving to Macon on Tuesday which will be about a 7 to 8 hour drive - I am hoping to leave around 8:30am, I will pack a little something for lunch for myself so that I will not have to stop on the road. I am hoping to stop just once to get gas and a quick potty break!! ;o)) so as not to leave the kitties in the car by themselves for any more than 5 minutes.

I will have their food and water available for them to get to when they wake up and also their litter box (which will be waaaayyy in the back of the van) Luckily both cats travel pretty well, have driven with them up to about 3 hours. I am planning on keeping their travel carriers open - we'll see what happens - so that they can eat and use the box when needed. If they are not good then I will have to keep them in their carriers and stop periodically for them to eat and drink and you know what. I know way toooo much information.

I best sign off and finish packing, going out with the neighbors this evening for dinner - looking forward to that.


Friday, August 17, 2007

DH has settled in

Hi everyone, sorry for not getting back to this sooner, but have been busy trying to get my life settled before I head up to Macon, GA on Tuesday the 21st,

DH, Terry, has settled into a routine and has started his new job and he is so very happy. Terry, decided a few years ago to get his doctorate - he has always wanted to teach at the college level. He has been an adjunct professor at various colleges and community colleges. Well we are now embarking on another chapter in the book of life. I am really excited about the move and since we are taking this one a bit more slowly, I am still finding some time to get in some stitching.

I only have a few more things left to do, like clean the shower (UGH!!), get my toiletries and makeup in order and packed, pick out what clothes I will need to take (I will be back to Florida around the 9th of October??!!)

I had two stitching projects done this week - Stacy Nash's "Hallows Eve" pillow and LHN The Chocolate Shoppe. I am a bit behind in the Beatrix Potter sampler, but will get caught up again next week while relaxing in the apartment we have rented, while DH goes to teach. Classes start on Monday.

Have a good weekend - Roberta

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Moving day and Beatrix Potter

Well, the movers have come and gone, now vacuuming and moving remaining furniture into new spots. DH will be taking part of our furniture with him to Georgia. All in all things are moving along pretty good. Our poor kitties are not quite sure what is going on!! They are going to be very angry with us because this afternoon they go to the Vets for their yearly checkup and shots!!!

I've finally added a photo of Beatrix Potter. This was taken last week, I am now on the current motif of the SAL, which is not shown on this picture.

The weather here in Florida is quite hot as it is all over. Have had no rain for almost a week now, and it is not looking good for rain for the next few days.

Well, off to finish getting the house in order before we head to the Vets.

Until tomorrow

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Let's get caught up

My life this summer has been in such a whirlwind, first with our nephew's graduation, my DH, Terry's, graduation for his Ph.D., our daughter moving and changing jobs, our son changing jobs and moving. Now, we will be moving!!! DH Terry, was asked to come to Macon, Georgia to teach at Macon State College. We are so excited and looking forward to this new chapter in our book of life.

We will continue to keep our condo here in Florida for awhile, so that we have a place to stay when we come down to visit with friends.

The movers will come tomorrow - Wednesday to empty out the storage unit where most of my furniture has been for the past 2 years (we moved from our 5 bedroom home in Miami to a 2 bedroom condo in Palm City, Florida -about 2 hours north). We have some boxes and a couch, chair and chest of drawers that the movers will pick up from the condo. Terry will leave on Thursday and drive up to Macon to be ready for the delivery of the furniture on Friday. I will then pack up our two cats (who are just loving all the boxes and packaging paper) and the few plants that I own and head up to Macon on the 21st of August.

We found a lovely 2 bedroom apartment that is in a golf community and the porch overlooks a tee box and part of a fairway. This will be good view for Terry as he is grading papers.

Macon is a lovely small city with much Civil War History and lovely turn of the century homes. There is also a needlework shop, a needlepoint shop, a bead shop, several fabric stores and believe this my grocery store here in Florida has a store in Macon. What more could a gal want?

Well, I need to finish up with one more box of clothing for DH. TTFN Roberta

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th of July

Hi all, I cannot believe that I have ignored my blog for so long. This past month has been so busy. After my trip to Kent State for my nephews graduation, I went on a trip with my sister to Williamsburg as already mentioned. My husband graduated with his Doctorate degree our daughter moved from an apartment to a house with 3 other gals and there just seemed to be a multitude of things going on, not to mention trying to get some stitching done.

Last week I sent off a stitched envelope, which was part of a "Mail Art" exchange. So I thought I should get back to my blogging and to post a picture of the mail art and also a picture of my husband in his cap and gown.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Home from sister trip to Williamsburg

Well, took my sister, Jean, to the airport this morning. We had a wonderful "sister vacation" this year. We started out visiting my friends Diane and her Mom Mildred in Mt. Dora Florida, having lunch at the Goblin Restaurant and then shopping the quaint shops in the town. We then headed off to Orlando to have dinner with my daughter, Lindsay. We ate at the Beach Club in Disney at the Cape May Restaurant, lots of steamed clams - yum!! We spent the night at Lindsay's apartment. We were up and out the next morning (Monday the 28th). We had a wonderful drive up Highway 95. Minimal traffic and the gas prices stayed at about $3 to $3.09 a gallon. The most we paid was $3.19 a gallon. Though higher than what we were use to from last year, it was less expensive than what my sister was paying in Ohio - $3.45 a gallon - outrageous!!! We stopped in Fayetteville, NC for the night - ate at Outback and then back to the Hampton Inn and Jammies and TV.

Headed out on Tuesday and arrived in the Williamsburg area around 11:30am and stopped at the Pottery Factory and poked about. We then stopped at the Outlet mall and did some serious shopping and pocketbook damage. We arrived in Merchant Square in Historic Williamsburg about 3:00pm and had lunch at The Trellis restaurant (know for their Death By Chocolate of which we did not do!!!). We poked around Merchant Square before heading to the hotel. We stayed at the Woodland Hotel which is part of the Colonial Williamsburg area. We had a nice room on the 3rd floor overlooking a lovely courtyard area. That evening (Tuesday) we went on a "Ghost Walk" through parts of Colonial Williamsburg - interesting and fun - but tiring - two hours of standing or walking.

I have some pictures to post and hope to do so within the next few day - so until later.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Stitching, stash, beading and cats

This morning I thought I should show some of the stitching part of my garden. The little book was stitched for me by a friend from FTLOS group it is stitched on celery gingham linen and it says GIRLFRIENDS at the top. I just love it. The stitched needleroll is from Lynda from the May Day exchange - it is very lovely. The other needleroll is done in the French Hand Sewing technique ( a mini workshop I taught for my EGA group) The brown Biscornu was stitched for me by my dear friend Diane who lives in Mt. Dora, Florida - the other two Biscornu were stitched by me. The little bag is Filet Lace which was a class taught by Adrienne Meyer. I made two of these - one is framed and I made a bag with the other.

Now since I could not get a good picture of the Black Squirell in Kent, Ohio - My DH bought me this little guy.

I also have put up some pictures of my beading and some of the stash I have accumulated recently. I am now set for life!!!! 'o)))

Our cats decided they needed to be helpful with the picture set up.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Flower Show

At the end of March, The Garden Club of Stuart (of which I am a member) put on a flower show at one of the local parks. Halpatiokee Park. I had been asked to stage this event, which I accepted with some trepidation, since the venue was the roller skating rink pavalion!!!

This was the largest venue the club had ever used and it was quite huge!! However with a great Flower Show Chairman, Cyndi and several helping hands and mental support, the development and the staging of the show came together into a really fantastic exhibition.

Everyother year the garden club puts on a flower show, free to the public as a Thank You. On the other years the club does a garden tour for which there is a fee charged. It is also quite an event.

One of the driving forces to make this show great was to go for a National Garden Club Award. We needed to attain a score of 95+ (out of 100) to be able to apply for this award. Well I am happy to say we did receive above 95+ and the process for this award is in the works in the form of A Book Of Evidence. Will let you know how we did. I have added some pictures of the show hope you like them.

My sidekick throught this whole process was a really great gal Louise Anderson. She painted, build, carried, created and just keeped a great sense of humor thoughout the 7 months of planning and working.

All in all, I am glad it is over since it really cut into my stitching part of my life, but I am so pleased with how well it turned out.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Trip to Ohio

Our nephew, Justin, graduated from Kent State University on May 12th. It was a wonderful day and weekend and we are very proud of him. Terry and I was given a tour of the campus and to the memorial for the fallen students of the May 4, 1970 campus demonstrations. It was very touching to walk thru the paking lot where cement columns surround the spot where the 4 students were killed. This is an incredible school and campus.

In the afternoon, we drove our neice to the other end of the state of Ohio to Ohio University - Athens where we had a tour of Jenna's campus. It is just like a quaint New England town. Lots of red brick and hills and wonderful older buildings. Jenna is a freshman, but she has chosen a great school.

On Monday, Terry and I went to Wooster, Ohio to the Pine Tree Barn where we met a friend from 15 years ago. We both lived in Tampa at the time - she and her family moved to the Cleveland area and Terry and I had moved to Minnesota, then to Miami, then to Palm City, Florida. Wooster is about 1/2 way between where my sister, Jean, lives and where our friends Linda and Dave had moved. Dave did not make it due to work obligations. The Pine Tree Barn is a large furniture, gift, Christmas store with a lovely cafe inside. The cafe looks out over the valley - great food and a lovely setting. After much talking and looking around the store Linda headed back home and Terry and I took a quick side trip to Lehman's Hardware Store, this is where the Amish shop for tools and supplies, it was great. There were washing machines with the rollers on the top for squeezing out the water after washing - this machine uses a gas motor no electricity. Great tools, interesting toys for the children, food products, and pottery.

We decided to take the back roads to my sister's house and it was so beautiful driving through the hills and valleys and farmlands. Everything was lush and green. Great older homes in the small towns some with large wrap around porches, gardens, laundry on the clothes line. Some of it was definately a step back in time.

On Tuesday, Jean, Terry and I drove into Holmes County, where there is a large Amish population. Stopped in Charm, Ohio (don't you just love the name) we had lunch at a wonderful Amish restaurant and of course there is a wonderful quilt store just down the street that I had to just drop in to visit. (I have been here before) After some poking around Charm we headed to Berlin where there are tons of little shops and eateries - a bit commercialized. Fun but I perfer some of the smaller towns. On the way home to Jean's I drove by the Longenberger Basket administration building which is in the shape of a Longenberger Basket - huge basket!!!

On Wednesday we returned home to Palm City and laundry and multiple e-mails!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Life and Times of my World

Hello, seems like a great way to start a new venture in my life - blogging. So many people I know have a blog and I thought I would give it a try.

I have so many adventures in my life that I would like to jot down, and since I am not a good one to write in a diary, I thought this might be a good way to start.

A quick profile of myself - I love to stitch, quilt, knit/crochet, garden, read and cook. I, for some reason, travel a lot. I am married to a wonderful man, Terry, who just completed his PhD. We have two great children - both grown and on their own.

I am looking forward to setting up this new tool of communications and being part of the blogger world.