Sunday, November 30, 2008

Autumn's Progress

Well Thanksgiving has come and gone - I hope you all had a nice day. It was quiet here with just DH, DD, friends and SIL. Kept the food simple and was able to sit and stitch for part of the day.Here is a picture of a little pillow that I stitched for my sister. The chart was a freebie from Tanya's The Sampler Girl.
This is a picture of the back yard in Mid November

Here is the backyard as of November 28thYesterday November 29th was rainy and cloudy, but here is what our grass looks like==brown!!

Well off to decorate for Christmas - hope to post pictures of decorations this week.

Hope you all are enjoying the season --- Thank you for stopping by.

Happy Stitches with Peace and Goodwill --------- Roberta

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Workshop progress

Last week I was in a workshop with Jackie duPlessis. Below is my stitched piece ready for me to make into a needleroll.
Here is the fabric, ribbon, waxer and small scrimshaw with a picture of what the finished piece will look like (I hope!!!). I ordered the ruler and thread winder scrimshaw that goes with this piece - I have no picture to share, but will show when I receive them and hopefully my needleroll will be done by then.
There is also a sweet carrying case that goes with this set - of course I had to have this pattern. And there was also a cute little thread holder shaped like a thistle.
Below is a close up of the chart picture.
The colors in this piece are just beautiful, the stitching was not difficult. We managed to put some of the guts of the needleroll assembled, so hopefully I will get this totally finished soon.

I truly had a great time at this workshop and I will post more pictures tomorrow of the other piece we worked on and some other goodies that I purchased!!!

Thanks for visiting ----- Roberta

Monday, November 10, 2008

A Tribute to dear Rose

Hi all, just wanted to share with you some pictures of a wonderful black Lab named Rose. Dear sweet Rose went to doggie heaven last week. She developed lyme disease and the Vets were unable to cure her.Though I am a cat person, there are several dogs in this world that I adored - Rose was one of them. Last year when I went to help out my friend Jackie after her knee surgery, I was thrown in to the dog walking group where I meet and fell in love with Rose.
Gunther, my friend Jackie's Duchsund, and Rose were the best of friends. Whenever I would walk Gunther he always headed to Rose's house and when walking with the dog walking group - Gunther was watched over by sweet Rose.
Rose had a beautiful coat, a sweet and gently way about her, and a lovely way she walked. I always felt that she had the gait of a well bred horse. She would lift her feet is such a way that was lovely to watch. I will miss this sweet lady and my heart and prayers go out to her owners Judy and Bob.

Thank you all for stopping by and reading this - I felt that Rose needed to be somehow immortilized for she was truly a treasure.


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Workshop pieces

Below is the cover picture of the Thislewood project that I will be working on next week with the Jackie DuPlessis workshop, I haven't done the prestitching on this yet - hope to get to it on Sunday.
Below is a closer -though blurry- picture of the top part of the needle roll. Again this is just a picture of the cover of the chart.This is the bottom part of the needle roll - sorry for the blurriness.
This is what I am stitching on now for the Briar Rose Etui - it is one over one - silk on linen -
(actually I now have all the flowers outlined will put that up tomorrow when finished)
Here is the cover picture of Briar Rose Etui
Well, I need to get back to the stitching --- Thanks for visiting. Roberta