Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Will I meet my Thursday Deadline!!!

Hi Everyone, well, I have been a busy girl, working in the yard, in the house and of course stitching.

My deadline for Sanctuary was Thursday, May 31st, I am thinking that I may not make it!!!  I have started the written border and the rapid stitch border, doing both at the same time the fabric is in a hoop.  I will definitely have this done within a few days after my deadline!!!  I have already pulled my end of June deadline piece(s).  Will show them to you when Sanctuary is done.

Thought you all might like to see another love of mine - My Ikebana arrangements.  I belong to the local Ikebana group and I take flower arrangement classes once a week.  Some materials that I use do come from my yard, but also have to purchase flowers from the store. 

 Below is a necklace that I am making.  It was a pilot class for Marie Campbell which will be taught at the next EGA National Seminar.  The picture really doesn't give you a good look at the colors, so hopefully when it is done I can get a better photo.
One of my local EGA groups invited Elizabeth Tellado to teach a workshop for us.  It is a small darling bunny purse using the Kelscott handles.
Instead of stitching the design again in the back (which was part of the pattern) I decided to use fabric that coordinated.
Her is a look at the inside of the purse - small pearls are used to anchor the Kelscott handles.  I also added a small pocket on the inside.  We also made this carrott scissor sheath - and since I had made this cute Fern Ridge 'Jack' scissor fob, I attached it to the rabbit scissors.
A week ago our EGA Chapter had Catherine Jordan come for a lecture and workshop.  This is a small needle roll which fits into a small silver etui.  A friend who makes jewlery and things from metal made me a small laying tool from a small butter knife.  It fits into the Etui!!  Will show all when all is done.
Below is several "Button Bags" that I have made for friends and family and my bookclub.  This is derived from a pattern by Jackie DuPlessis.  This makes for a lovely gift and since I have lots of buttons - it is a good use for the buttons.

Well, off to relax for the afternoon and get some stitching done.

Thank you for visiting -----------   Roberta

Friday, May 4, 2012

Some stitching and the new sewing room

I have been busy not only with yard work and house work, but stitching as well.  Below is Shepherd Bush's Potting Shed.
Here is Rain Rain from LaDaDa 
I am working deligently on Sanctuary by The Drawn Thread, I had started this years ago and I am almost finished with it.  My goal is to have it done by the end of May!! and I am well on the way to meeting this goal!!
This is the year of getting some of my WIP's finished!! 
Below is a shot of the new sewing studio (I was told to call it a studio not a room - for creative purposes!!)
As you can see we broke through a wall in the guest bedroom and built the room over the garage.
It still is quite a bit messy, but I can pretty much find anything I want, and someday I will organize the space a bit better.  Right now, all quilting things are in one area, beading in an area and so on, but I really want to be stitching so that is what I am doing now! 
 I even have a couch in this new space - of course it is for the cats to lay on and watch what I am doing.
This is a shot from the studio looking out to the guest bedroom 
Well, that is it for today - neighborhood yard sale tomorrow - so I have things to do to get ready for that.

Thank you for stopping by and I do thank you all for not deleting me from your blog reading.  I promise to be much better with this - I am getting back into computer mode and that may be because my life is settling down nicely and I have quit my job!!!

Until later  ---   Roberta

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Do you ever feel like not going on the computer???

Well, that is what happened to me and then when I finally decide I need to visit with you all and have you come and visit with me - I could not get into my blog!!!

So this afternoon, after trying this morning, I gave it one last try - and LO!!- here I am on a whole new blog look.

So now I need to read all about what has changed with blogging, but I do promise that I am back on the computer, I am not working, and I am stitching - YEAH!!!!

Looking forward to chatting with you all soon.