Saturday, June 28, 2008

Oh the life of a cat!! all 3 of them

In our house we have 2 cats Mars (grey) and Ms Saddles (white and grey). Our daughter, Lindsay moved to Macon, GA with us and brought her little kitten!! Natsuki is the newest addition and she has totally taken over our household!!

As you can see she decided that my new tablecloth was the perfect sleeping spot!

Now look at how cute I am and this table is so comfortable!!
But I didn't know that this is off limits to me!!! Why I thought it was a perfect place. Your not mad are you?
Now the two older cats have had just about enough of the antics of little Natsuki - so the attack is on ---- note: Natsuki doesn't realize that Mars is on the piano!!
The attack!!! Natsuki still only sees Ms Saddles.
Camera didn't catch the actual attack but it was way too funny!!

Thanks for visiting -- Mars, Ms Saddles and Natsuki - come again!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

two finishes

Have been working on my WIP's - some are bigger than others, but here are two small finishes. They were stitched, but needed to be put together.
This is a little design from one of the button companys (can't remember which one) and I made it into a pinkeep.
This is the back sorry that the picture is a bit fuzzy.

This is a scissor fob that I had stitched from a kit from a sampler symposium in Lancaster, Ohio in 2003. It is a rectangular box filled with doll beads.

It reads "Ohio is my Dwelling Place" and it has little lady bugs on each side.

Thank you for stopping by ---- Roberta

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Was asked to see the close up of the tea cozy - so I thought I should republish the pictures - hope this works when you click on them.


The kitchen has a theme that keep growing!

When we purchased this house the previous owner had roosters as her kitchen theme. She left the 3 kitchen rugs for us. Well while walking through WalMart's craft area what did I see but rooster fabric, so I snapped it up and made a table cloth.

Not only where there roosters on the rugs but she had a rooster on the light fixture and the fabric for the shades have roosters on them.

There is even roosters on the curtains!!

So my dear friend Diane made for our housewarming gift - a wonderful rooster tea cozy!!
The detail of her work is wonderful so please click and check out what she did.
Thank you for visiting my little farmyard - Roberta

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Stitching with friends

Spent several wonderful days stitching, chatting and eating with my friends Diane and her Mother Mildred (I am the one in the middle). Diane and Mildred live in Mt. Dora, Florida which is a cute little town filled with antique shops, cafes and restaurants and various and sundry shops. It looks a bit like a little town that you would see in New England. It is a nice tourist destination, but it is also a lovely place to live. I was so glad that the girls came to visit, I was able to sit and enjoy my stitching time and not worry about cleaning, unpacking or rearranging the house.

When Diane and Mildred were about to leave - we spotted a Praying Mantis on our windshield. Not sure if you can see it, but maybe by clicking on the picture it may enlarge the photo. He is actually looking at me and the camera.

Glad you stopped by --- until later --- Roberta

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Quaker Sampler is finished

Well, I finished the Quaker Sampler while my friends Diane and Mildred where here. We had a great few days visit. While stitching we watched the DVD of the BBC show Rosemary and Thyme.
The show is about two gals who replan or diagnosis gardens and plants - but it seems that where ever they go - someone is killed. It is so dramatically comical, but ever so entertaining. Would recommend it if you get it on your public station or if you get BBC and they run the shows.

Several of you asked about this Quaker Pattern - it is from the old Needleworker Magazine - 1999 issue

Thank you for dropping by ----- Roberta

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sewing Room After

As you all know Terry and I purchased a house here in Macon at the end of March and moved within two weeks - and I had posted pictures of my sewing room - full of boxes, you could barely walk into the room.
Well with the help of IKEA this is the result of the unpacking of the sewing room.
There is still much tweaking that I need to do and still lots of sorting and reorganizing, but I am at least able to work in my room and actually find things.
Most everything fits pretty well, just need to find a better way to store the fabric, which is still in two moving boxes!
The nice part is that I have a small desk, again thanks to IKEA, and a little daybed for company when the guest room is occupied.

I am loving my new space, thank you for visiting ---- Roberta

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Quaker Sampler progress

Just a quick photo to show you how much of the sampler I have done - only one more motif left to stitch!!! Yeah! Next WIP will probably be Drawn Thread's Sanctuary. Will probably try to finish up one or two little projects - one that I know of is a scissor fob.

Happy stitching --- Roberta

June in the Garden

Hi All, have been busy working in the yard, organizing my sewing room, stitching, and putting things away. It is so difficult to put old familiar items into new spots. We keep moving things around, but the house is slowly looking good and like home. We truly love this house and have felt totally comfortable and at home since day one.

Our cherry tomato plants have grown in the last month.

Look at the little babies growing. Glad we have these plants now that tomatoes are being pulled from the grocery shelves.

Picture of the back/side yard with the hydrangers and lilies are blooming.

Have a great day - Roberta