Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween and new painted walls

Just a few shots of some of the decorating for Halloween - Black Cat at the front door.
Halloween/Fall pillows up the front hall stairs.Front hall chest.
Photo of kitchen and family room paint colors - kitchen mossy green; familyroom brick/burgandy.
Fireplace with Halloween and paint color - the color changes from where ever the light hits.
This is my stitching chair and a new table that I just found at Goodwill for $25 - it's an Ethan Allen!!
More Halloween and paint color in familyroom.
Halloween on Piano and Ms Saddles wondering what I am doing!!!

hope you all have a wonderful day - Happy Halloween!!!--- Roberta

Saturday, October 30, 2010

An exchange piece received

Hi all thought I would show you a darling thread holder I received from an exchange I was a part of. This is from Patti who lives in England.
Look how darling this little bird is and the blue flower is just so pretty.Thank you Patti, I just love this - now do I want to use it or just display it??? That is the question!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Breast Cancer Month and Halloween

How did this happen - pink and orange just do not mix!!!

So one day I wear pink and then the next day I wear black and orange - this is playing havoc with my closet and trying to keep the laundry caught up with my pink and orange clothes!!!

Our local yarn shop Creative Yarns does a big breast cancer campaign. The shop hands out small bags of yarn to those who wish to knit or crochet a scarf. My bag contained enough yarn for me to make two scarves - one crocheted and one knitted.

They also set aside a Friday evening and all day Saturday for "Knit-a-Tit". Which is knitting a temporary prosthesis (sp?). Below is my contribution. Here is only a portion of what the shop has received. As of yesterday, they had over 134 knitted and crocheted that were donated
This is such a wonderful cause and community event, they also raise money for Breast Cancer.Please drop by the Creative Yarns website - they are a wonderful group of gals and the shop is just yummy with great fibers.

Have you had your Mammogram this year??? I went yesterday. Do take care of yourself and your body.

Thank you for visiting, I appreciate your dropping in --------- Roberta

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A class in English Paper Piecing

This past Friday, I took a class on English Paper Piecing which is different than foundation paper piecing. This was such an interesting class but oHHH so tiny little pieces. Here is a link about English Paper Piecing.

Below are photos of my class project. The pieces are sittingon photocopies of the design we are doing and a shot of the teachers backside of one of her squares.
My colors are blues and browns using a veryfine (100) polythread which just disapears into the fabric.
Here is some of the pieces as they will be attached when all the pairs are done
Attaching the two little diamonds

Here is the whole thing fabrics and tiny paper pieces, which will be removed once the squares are done - if I choose I can leave them in or take them out and reuse.
I think this would be a great way to do Grandmother's Flower Garden!! but will I ever get around to doing it???

Thanks for dropping by --- Have a wonderful week full of stitches =========Roberta

Friday, October 8, 2010

So is this a "FROG"????

A friend was at Goodwill the other day and found this piece of pottery. She knows I like 'frogs' and that I have a few displayed around the house - so she bought this and gave it to me.
I am curious though whether this is a 'frog' or if it is some kind of kitchen container?? Anyone know!!!

Thanks for stopping by ----------- Roberta

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Some stitching going on!!!

Hi all, now that my traveling days are over (I hope!!) I am finally getting back to some normalcy!! (whatever that is) and getting some stitching done.

Below in a fall quilt that I have started - it is called Harvest Time using Red Rooster fabrics. I saw this at the Farmer's General Store in Lancaster, Ohio. (that is where my sister lives) This store is a gift shop, candy store, antiques shop and a quilt shop. It is just darling. I posted about this place last year. I picked up the panels this past summer while at my sister's, but could not find the fabrics locally so I had them send me the kit without the panels. I have all the pieces cut out and labeled - will start putting it together sometime this week.This is the progress I have so far on "Tis the Season". I just love this Cardinal.
I was part of an exchange for Autumn and this is what I received from Susan. It is DT's Summer into Autumn and Susan put into a bag that she made!! This is my new stitching bag. Isn't it gorgeous???
Unfortunately, I neglected to take of photo of my exchange piece that I sent out, always rush about to get it in the mail!!!

Well, that is it for now, will have more to share by the end of the week.

Thank you for stopping by and for putting up with my negligence for posting to my blog and for falling so far behind in reading all of yours. I will catch up someday.