Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dropping in for a quick hello

with some photos to share.

The weather has been so terribly hot that my poor yard is suffering, but there is still some beauty --- this gorgeous butterfly on my hydrangea bush.
Then we have the area that the birds feed - I now have a garden of ????? corn maybe??!!

But definitely, do have pumpkins or squash growing!! Isn't this so cute and little!!

Couldn't pull this out of the yard and I am so glad that I left it. I know it will be gone what with the deer, raccoons and possums that visit my yard!!

Now onto some of things that I have been able to work on with my crazy busy schedule. The local yarn shop "Creative Yarns" has stared a sock club which meets every week and we are suppose to do pair of socks a month -- ya right!!!! Just so I can catch up, I am not doing the August sock until later!!

Here are some of the socks that I have started - this one below is not in this book but something I started last winter and hope to finish soon!!

This is the sock for the month of June - the purpose of the Sock Club is to learn new techniques and to help each other with problems - this is not a class but a social event. What is so fun is how everyone approaches each sock. This pair I am doing on double pointed needles as with the above sock.

Here is a close up of the pattern and the yarn which is - Malabrigo - kettle Dyed Pure Superwash Merino Wool.

Below is the sock for July and I am using 2 circular needles. this is my first attempt using circular needles for socks and I am liking it so far.

A close up of the pattern - this is a cable technique and the yarn is Spud and Chloe a superwash wool and silk. This yarn splits easily, but I love the color and how it feels.

So yes, another knitting project - because of my crazy busy life at the moment, the knitting is an easier thing for me to do - I can just pick it up and work a few stitches or rows when the time is available - especially at work!! Yes, I can stitch or knit at work when it is not busy. I do get to stitch once in a while at home, but I am only working on small things like ornaments.

Below is scarf - some call it a 'jellyfish' scarf.

This is what it looks like on the skein and then pulled apart.

This is how it is knitted - using # 10 or 11 needles - cast on 6 stitches using the narrow edge and then you knit using each loop as your throwing yarn.

This is the product that was at my yarn shop.

Notice the thick bottom of the strand and the thinner top which is where you work from. Clear as mud!!! I hope I explained this so you too can do this project - it could be done in one long night - I am not a fast stitcher - this took me about 5 hours. It is a great gift item!!

Thank you for stopping by and good for you for reading through this longer than usual entry. I hope to be able to be back on track with blogging and reading and commenting by the end of September.

Again thank you for visiting ---- See you soon on the web ---- Roberta