Friday, August 31, 2012

A bit of beading, stitching and an exchange

Beaded this up this past week - Fern Ridge's Pretty Peas a fun little scissor fob.  I just love what Fern Ridge comes up with for Ideas!!
 Had a workshop with Cathrine Jordan this past spring and this is the project - a small sewing roll.  I am finishing one for one of the ladies in the class - it is almost done!!!  then I will tackle mine which as you can see on the left is barely started.  This was a fun project done all in black and some silver metallic.  One uses various stitches to cover the marked areas.  I used satin stitch, pin stitch, eyelets, running, French knots and just some long stab stitches.  I think it looks pretty good and the gal who I am doing it for loves it!! thats all that matters - right??
 Below is a good portion of Lounging Hare stitched.  I still have quite a bit to go, but I have taken a few days break from it and will go back sometime next week.
 Here is the cover photo of the finished Lounging Hare by Sherri Jones.
 I took part in an ornament exchange - below is what I stitched
 and this is what I received.  Love the colors of the ornment I received - both designs came from Blackbird's Christmas Garden.
Well, off to listen to an audio book and do some beading    ---

Until Later ----------------  Roberta

Friday, August 24, 2012

Some in the Garden photos

Thought I would post some photos of my yard especially after a horrific storm that went through a few weeks ago, which cracked this wonderful tree that was in my back yard.

 But here is some pretty shots of my yard - below is my Lamb Ears, which I love they sit below my Crepe Myrtle tree and keeping them company are the turtles that I picked up in Jeckyll Island.
 Here is a little miniature rose bush that I planted in a sweet little hippo container, this little rose bush just loves it here.
 My hedgehog and welcome brick with my birdie hose guider
 The walkway to the front door.
I am still working on Lounging Hare will try to get a photo up of that real soon.

Thank you for dropping in - do have a wonderful weekend.


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Olympic finishes and cat photos

Now wasn't the Olympics just a wonderful venue for sitting and stitching!!!  I love to watch the Olympics both the summer and the winter games.  I do not like all the events but there is enough on the television on the various channels that you are bound to find some event you like.

Fair Charlotte is stitched - this is a workshop and design by Sherri Jones of Patrick Woods.  Now all I have to do is do the finishing! 
 This is a closeup of Sweet Charlotte, stitched mostly over one except for the skirt.
 Here is a photo of the sleigh
 I finally sat down and finished the necklace that I did as a 'pilot' class with Marie Campbell.  I still have to finish the embellished loop that hangs on the necklace.  Another time.

So I just love hanging around grocery bags!!!
 Now these two are not the buddies that they are portraying here.  Mars has no idea that Jasimine is laying beside him!!  Mars is out cold!
 Mars protecting my magazines - he is the only male in the house other than my husband!!
There is something to be said about dirty laundry - oh so comfy!!
For the rest of this month I will be working on Lounging Hare - another of Sherri Jones's pieces, this will be stitched while watching the Paralympics.  Goal is have this piece stitched by the end of the month.

Also, will try to work a bit on Quaker Christmas now that I have found the threads!!!

Have a great day everyone  ------------ Thank you for stopping by ------------------  Roberta

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Oh My Goodness, I found my Threads!!!

While looking for threads for an other project, I found my threads for Quaker Christmas!!!  I am so excited - these threads have been lost forever and I didn't want to buy more since I knew I had several skeins of Balsam Fir around here somewhere.  I think I may actually finish this project before Christmas this year.  This is such a relief - I actually feel my MOJO perking up and wanting to work diligently on all of my stitching projects.  Whooo Hoooo I am just so jazzed!!!
Sorry for being so crazy, but I am just beside myself.

Well, off to stitch something else that needs to be done and in the mail sometime next week!!!
It's an exchange piece.

Thanks for visiting  ---------------------Roberta