Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The sewing room - after the move - UGHHH!

Hi everyone, well several of you asked me when I will be getting to my sewing room. Well here is what I have to face once I get the house somewhat in order. Lindsay and I are hoping to get to the sewing room on Thursday.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The move is done--Now the unpacking has begun!!

I know it has been almost a month since last I entered anything into my blog, between the packing, the move and finishing up obligations that I had in Florida, I haven't had much time.

It is amazing, how much stuff you have even when you think you have cleaned out before the move! I finally arrived to our new home in Macon, Georgia last Friday. I had only been in the house a total of 3 days since we purchased it on March 20th.

We spent all weekend rearranging furniture and deciding what room pictures/artwork should go in. The downstairs is pretty much done with the furniture and most of the pictures (haven't even started thinking about upstairs). The hardest part of the move is not the packing, but the unpacking and trying to figure out where to put things in a whole new configuration! ;o))

The master bath and bedroom is pretty much done - just have to refold and rearrange the clothes in the closet.

The kitchen so far has been the most difficult, but I am perservering and hope to be done with by the end of the week. This kitchen is a bit more compact than my kitchen in the condo and in my Miami house (now both are converged into one kitchen!!)

As a quick update, DH, Terry and I lived in Miami for 10 years - Terry retired and we moved to our runaway condo in Stuart/Palm City. Terry went back to school and earned his Doctorate. Decided to pursue his desire of being a college professor. Well, wouldn't you know he finds a job within in a month of graduation and a few interviews at several colleges. Macon State College is where he said yes, so for the past 10 months life has been crazy. So hence, the combining of two households (we had two storage units filled with furniture and household and stitching/craft things) Now everything is here in Macon, packed solid in the garage and in various rooms through out the house (not quite so bad as it was last week).

Well, need to get back to work, sorry for the long story.

I have posted some pictures of the view from our back deck - it is so quiet, peaceful, and beautiful - can not wait to be able to sit and stitch and look out at this beauty.