Friday, February 29, 2008

A new house is in sight!!

Hi all, do I dare talk about buying a house!! ;o) As many of you know Terry and I walked away from the first house - too many problems and it was a constant back and forth with the seller.

We went back to another house that we had found in December, which was at a higher price point. We decided to go for this house which was brand new construction. Well apparently there was an offer on the house with a kick out clause if another offer came in. Come to find out there was another couple that wanted this house, so now there are 3 sets of people who wanted this house. It was very nice, lots of upgrades, really nice lot in a new neighborhood and it was just about built out. Well the builder must have called the other two couples and told them there was another offer presented in writing. Well, the 3rd couple jumped in on Tuesday (we presented our offer on Monday evening) and offered full price, with no stipulations. The builder didn't even let our agent know, he just accepted the offer which left couple number 1 and ourselves out!!

Well, I was totally bummed and for about 1 1/2 hours was just so disappointed!! then I got over it and said to myself - self there is a reason for this not going through. (This builder is also one of the top builders in the area - he does beautiful work) This was Wednesday so on Thursday out we went househunting again.

Saw several nice homes, then our agent, Susan, said we are going over to the other end of town, which I was not sure I wanted to go to, but we went and the area was lovely and location was right in the between two freeways, closer to the health club and my favorite grocery store! So we are driving through the neighborhood and it is just so pretty and the houses were incredible. So we drive down this street which ended in a cul-de-sac. The first thing I saw was this incredibly beautifully landscaped yard - beyond gorgeous!!! then an all brick house. Well I ask the agent is this in our price range - the seller was anxious to sell so the price had been lowered to our price point level----well let me tell you how nice this house was. The owners obviously loved this house because it was a clean as could be and it is empty. The house overlooks what is called a "Greenway" and a little stream, it has a hot tub in its own gazebo off of the back deck. The rooms are roomy --- well the only thing that was wrong with it is the color of the walls and some of the curtains!!!

So today we gave them the offer and all was said and done by 12:30pm.

Monday is the inspection so I will take pictures -

God was definitely sitting on our shoulders - because this house is definitely our type of house. The builder who built this house 7 years ago is the other best builder in the area.

So with any luck we will be the proud owners of this house on March 20th.

Sorry for yakking so much, but haven't shared much with you all because of having so many issues!!

So Heidi, in answer to you question - all of my stitching things will be in one room (not necessarily in any kind of order) by the 25th of April.

Thanks for listening or should I say reading.

With friendship, fabric and fibers,


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Valentine Day again!!

Received my Valentine gift from Angela and it is just beyond words - she made me the most beautiful stitched tray, there were Lindor chocolates yummmm! a heart shaped notepad, heart stickers, heart shaped candies, plus a bar of of Olive Oil soap - Aebanta-Lavender - all wrapped in pretty pink and white fabric.

I also, added the gift I had sent to Angela. She likes the Whitman Tins and I had a heart tin in my stash; I stitched a little design for the top, covered the bottom and added button legs, and covered the inside with fabric and stitched a small pin cushion for the inside.

Now you need to know that dear little Mars really liked Angela's gift to me!!! he keeps smelling it and trying to get the little gifts out of the tray. He even trys to get into the tray. Could it be the doggy smells that are so appealing!!! hee hee!! ;o)))
Have a great day!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Two more finishes

Well I managed to finish the Christmas ornament except for my initials. Since I am between two houses - is seems that I am needing something from the other house. Well all my books with initials are back in Florida and of course I am in Georgia.

I also found this cute little Halloween stitch that I hadn't finished so I got that done. I just need to decide whether to frame it or put it in a pillow or maybe in a tray!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

An older WIP and a new Christmas Ornament

Well, I have been working on this Christmas ornament that I purchased from the Swan Sampler Stitchers. It was actually last years ornament, but I never had a chance to stitch it. It is fairly small and an easy stitch hope to have it done this weekend.

The other piece of stitching is from an older Piecework Magazine - can not find the magazine, it may still be in Florida - luckily I had photocopied the chart to make it easier for stitching. It is a Quaker with multiple colors. Trying to get some of my backlog caught up - so far so good, except I am not doing what was on my original WIP list!!!


And the search continues

Good Morning my friends,

Today is bright and sunny, but rain coming later. We had some terrible storms on Sunday that created tornado in several areas around us here in Macon.

As many of you know we pulled out of the contract from the cute little brick house. This was due to many factors and Terry and I felt that we needed to step back and review our long range plans and what are comfort levels really were.

We have been going back to several properties that we had looked at and liked before we started our serious search. We also have been looking at homes for sale "by owner". We are much more knowledgeable of the area and where we maybe should be living, all of which is making us feel a bit better.

Today we are off to look at some new construction in a different part of town. Will let you know what we find!!

Well, off to get ready to go, TTFN


Monday, February 18, 2008

And the search goes on

Hi all, This buying a house is for the birds!! Terrry and I after some serious thinking have decided to pull out of the contract agreement we had on the cute brick house. There was too much to do and we felt like we were always giving in. So we decided to opt out!!

I am not as upset as I thought I might be, actually I am feeling a bit of relief!!! We did truly love the house, but it would have taken us several years and much money to get it to where it should be, and yes, I know no house is perfect and one does need to do things to make it there own, but we need to be doing less not more!!

So the search begins again, but we will step back for a bit. We will revisit some previous house we had looked at. After all this is suppose to be a buyer's marker ;o))))

Anyway that is the update on househunting.

I am just about finished with a stitched ornament and plan to work on the 2nd Papillon segment mystery samper

I also am posting some finished pieces that I had finished a while back.

Hope everyone had a good weekend and Valentine's Day.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Just wishing everyone a wonderful and loving day. I am planning a quiet day - some housecleaning, stitching, Tai Chai this afternoon (new thing in my routine) and then cook dinner for Terry and I.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Crochet dishcloths

Many years ago (I am thinking about 15 to 20) one of my quilting students gave me these crochet dishcloths. I have always loved them and wanted to duplicte them, but never did. I never used them, but kept them on display. At one time I had a towel hanger that attached to the wall with swing out arms and that is were they would be displayed. The towel hanger was made by my MIL when she was into folk art painting. The arms were duck heads and necks. I do not think that I have that anymore.

It may be packed away, who knows what treasures I will find when I finally move and unpack everything that has been in storage for the past 2 1/2 years!! ;o)))


Monday, February 11, 2008

Here are my dishcloths

Well, my first dishcloth didn't come out quite the way it should have, its the one on the bottom. The second one is the beige one and it came out really neat and I am working on the third one which is yellow.

My next knitting project will probably be making scarves and hats for this year's Christmas presents and a shawl/poncho I am working on already.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Advent pockets

Today I decided to make four sets of Advent Pockets - one each for my son, daughter, niece and nephew. This is a project that I am working on with some online friends. So I cut everything out today and cut the rounded end using a drinking glass for the circle part. Hopefully tomorrow I will get the pockets folded and ironed so I can start the stitching.


Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mystery Sampler from Papillon

I just scanned part one of the Papillon Mystery Sampler so I thought I would get it onto my blog before I forgot where it is in my computer!!!


I guess my life will never be calm!

Hi All, I keep saying "now that my life has calmed down" and booommm it goes nuts again. I cannot believe that it has been over a month since I last wrote in my blog!! This move from Florida to Georgia has really kept me busy both mentally and physically. I should be as thin as a rail what with all the running around I do and the mental thought process trying to keep everything straight.

We are in the final process of the house purchase. The inspection is done with only a few major items that need to be done and only one that is a bit costly!! We hope to be closed in a few weeks, we have a closing date of Feb. 22, but we think we should close a bit later so that all the work will be done that needs to be done. After the closing we will have the inside of the house painted, the carpets cleaned and the hardwood floors refinished - we are also going to put hardwood in the master bedroom (which is on the 1st floor) to follow through with hardwood that is already there on the first floor. We are also thinking about keeping the stairs wood without carpeting - maybe we will put a runner.

Our daughter Lindsay has decided that she needs to reinvent herself and change her life and direction -- so she has decided to definitely move to Macon, with us. She will live with us for a few months until she finds a job, becomes familiar with the area and finds an apartment. I am very excited about this - I will have my own personal "help" desk computer person at my fingertips HEE HEE!!!

DH Terry, is loving his new job and they seem to like him - he wrote a paper (on technology something!!??)for an international organization and his paper was accepted and he will be traveling to Bulgaria to present it. I may or may not go - the airfare cost is quite expensive!!

I have been getting a lot of stitched pieces finished into usable items. I also have been knitting some dishcloths. I am working on Dutch Beauty, but haven't gotten as much done as I would like. I found a Quaker Sampler that I had started in 1999 and I hope to get it finished sometime within the next few weeks.

My goal for this year is to get several of my WIP's either finished or given away to someone who would like to have it. I also, intend to put in at least a few stitches a day on some project no matter how crazy busy it will get with the move and all.