Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The joys of being sick and an exchange

I am way behind on blog reading due to being sick, working and the holiday madness!!

Hope everyone had wonderful Thanksgiving - it was a nice day here, a bit too warm, but we had good company and a nice dinner. The fall and Thanksgiving decor is put away and 3 of the 4 trees are up and a small portion of the Christmas decorations are out. We are not going out all the way with our decorations this year - working, though only part time, really does a job on time availability!!!

DH, DD and I have been dealing with terrible cold and flu issues - DD being the worst, but after 2 1/2 weeks, I am still stuffy and coughing!! it is really draining.

I took part in a quick exchange of BBD stockings - below is what I received. It is so appropriate since DH and I traveled to Paris this past summer.
This is what I stitched and sent along. Knowing that I would be done before Thanksgiving and I just love this turkey - I decided this would be a fun stitch to do and send.These little stockings are just the greatest quick stitch and the finishing is pretty simple. I like putting a ribbon for a hanger vs the beads.

Hope you all are doing well and thank you for stopping by. ---- Roberta

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Exchange, blog win and Fall Quilt

This past week has been busy, but was still able to get in some stitching and beading. I am still trying to figure out what I should be giving as Christmas presents!!! I am a bit behind on that front!!

Well one of the fun things that happened was an exchange that I was a part of with some long time internet friends. This is what I made and sent to Angela in England.
Of course, I forgot to photograph the little dish and the homemade acorns that I also sent along.
But this is the inside of the the needlebook.
And here is the front cover.Now will I ever get this Fall quilt done in time for fall??? Well, it is almost finished so we will enjoy it for part of the season.
This has been an easy quilt to put together and I only have 2 more borders to put on and then I will machine quilt it. It will probably be draped over a round table.
Now the neatest thing that happened to me is that I entered a blog contest (as I always do) and occasionally I do win, but I never in my wildest dreams think that I would win this absolutely adorable, darling doll.
Now isn't she the sweetest little thing you ever saw?? I just love her. She was made by Julia who lives in England. Thank you Julia for making such a sweet little doll.
Thank you all for stopping by, I hope you all are enjoying a nice Fall and that the weather has turned cooler, but is not cold just yet.

Friendship in Stitching ------------ Roberta