Sunday, August 19, 2007

Getting ready for the Tuesday drive

Hi all, well today I am finishing up all the odds and ends of things that need to go to our new residence in Georgia. I will be packing my clothes today and putting the violets in a box for traveling.

Tuesday morning should be a fun day since I will start it off with trying to give Ms Saddles and Mars a 1/2 of a valium that the Vet gave me. (I'm thinking I may need the valium more than they do??!!) I will be driving to Macon on Tuesday which will be about a 7 to 8 hour drive - I am hoping to leave around 8:30am, I will pack a little something for lunch for myself so that I will not have to stop on the road. I am hoping to stop just once to get gas and a quick potty break!! ;o)) so as not to leave the kitties in the car by themselves for any more than 5 minutes.

I will have their food and water available for them to get to when they wake up and also their litter box (which will be waaaayyy in the back of the van) Luckily both cats travel pretty well, have driven with them up to about 3 hours. I am planning on keeping their travel carriers open - we'll see what happens - so that they can eat and use the box when needed. If they are not good then I will have to keep them in their carriers and stop periodically for them to eat and drink and you know what. I know way toooo much information.

I best sign off and finish packing, going out with the neighbors this evening for dinner - looking forward to that.



Ginger said...

Oh, I hope it goes well! Could be a bit nervwracking, I think!
I will be thinking of you!

Jeanne said...

Oh Roberta I've been catching up with your news. I'm glad Terry got the job in Macon and wow! you're moving! I'm so glad there are needlework shops where you're going. :) At least it's not too terribly far from Florida and your friends. I hope all goes well with the move. Do let me know your new address when you are settled. DH got a contract job and started this past Monday thankfully. Not sure how it will all work out for us but time will tell.

Jeanne in AZ

Ginger said...

How did the drive go, Roberta?