Thursday, May 24, 2007

Flower Show

At the end of March, The Garden Club of Stuart (of which I am a member) put on a flower show at one of the local parks. Halpatiokee Park. I had been asked to stage this event, which I accepted with some trepidation, since the venue was the roller skating rink pavalion!!!

This was the largest venue the club had ever used and it was quite huge!! However with a great Flower Show Chairman, Cyndi and several helping hands and mental support, the development and the staging of the show came together into a really fantastic exhibition.

Everyother year the garden club puts on a flower show, free to the public as a Thank You. On the other years the club does a garden tour for which there is a fee charged. It is also quite an event.

One of the driving forces to make this show great was to go for a National Garden Club Award. We needed to attain a score of 95+ (out of 100) to be able to apply for this award. Well I am happy to say we did receive above 95+ and the process for this award is in the works in the form of A Book Of Evidence. Will let you know how we did. I have added some pictures of the show hope you like them.

My sidekick throught this whole process was a really great gal Louise Anderson. She painted, build, carried, created and just keeped a great sense of humor thoughout the 7 months of planning and working.

All in all, I am glad it is over since it really cut into my stitching part of my life, but I am so pleased with how well it turned out.

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Nancy said...

I'm glad to hear you did so well with the Flower Show Roberta! I know it was a lot of hard work, and based on your photos it was a beautiful site. Congratulations!