Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My trip to Ohio

I am finally getting caught up with posting about my travels over the last several months. In November, I went to Ohio to spend time with my sister, Jean. It is our birthday get together. Her birthday is on November 13th and my birthday is December 5. We went to Amish country for a few days and shopping around Lancaster where she lives. They have wonderful country store with great merchandise for shopping.

Jean and I started our trip with a drive on the country roads to Wooster, Ohio where there is a charming store and restaurant - The Pine Tree Barn. We had lunch and went shopping in this incredible store which carries things from beautiful furniture to Christmas ornaments to household items, soaps and dried and silk flowers. It was a fun way to start our trip, we then headed off to the hotel in Berlin, Ohio.

While in Ohio I try to visit with friends. When in Amish Country my friend, Linda, from when we lived in Tampa, Florida came down from the Cleveland area and met Jean and I for lunch at a charming little restaurant in Charm, Ohio. We then went shopping and walking and talking at Mrs. Millers General Store, which is a wonderful quilt shop in one building and a gift/finished quilt shop next door. Great frabrics. We then traveled a few miles north to the town of Berlin where we went to the Christmas shop as we were heading into the parking lot at the Christmas Shop one of the ponies from the little farm next door, had escaped and was prancing about in the drive way!! Way toooo cute, but a bit dangerous for the little guy. (he was captured and put back in his pen)

After shopping at the Christmas Shop we said goodbye to Linda and Jean and I walked about Berlin and checked out some of the shops usually like to frequent and then we went into mykind of shop a quilting store and a stitching shop. I was of course in heaven and made a few purchases. Jean in the meantime checked out the Chili Shop ?? go figure, way out of character for the area, but great products.

On the way home we took some back roads and found a nice Bulk Food Shop and stopped and shopped some more!!! (are you getting the picture here!!) We continued on the back roads and stopped for lunch in another small town (cannot remember name) had another great lunch, did some more shopping!!! and then we headed home.

Jean went back to work and I headed over to Lebanon, Ohio and meet Ellen Chester for lunch and yes, yet again some shopping!!! We ate at the Golden Lamb Inn, very charming and quaint. Ellen and I walked upstairs to the guest rooms and were able to see the room that were furnished in antiques and period pieces. After the chamber maids clean the rooms they put a red velvet rope across the doorways so visitors can see the rooms. What a great thing to do and it added to our visit.


Nancy said...

You were about 45 minutes from my home. Berlin is one of my favorite towns. I know the places you shopped and ate in. Lucky me, I can get there anytime I want to, and believe me, I do.

diane said...

Roberta, your trip looks and sounds fantastic! Who knew Ohio had so much to offer!!! Seriously, I remember the longest, flattest state on earth, when driving thru. I MUST get to Amish country some day, it looks charming and I know I would love it. Thank you for sharing. I love the photos.

Solstitches said...

I so enjoyed this post Roberta!
One of my dreams would be to visit Amish country one day.
I keep on doing the lottery but......
for now I'll just enjoy living it through you.