Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Hi Everyone, Sorry for not being such a great blogger, but life seems to have me on the road for the past month.

As you have previously read, I was heading up to Macon, Georgia with the kitties and my plants. The trip went very well - a 7 hour trip door to door with only 2 very short stops. On the whole the kitties were very good. I was concerned how they were going to do on such a long trip and since I was doing this solo, I wanted them to be comfortable and not be anxious!! So my Vet gave me a few Valium (telling me to only give each kittie 1/2 of a pill. The staff also gave me what is called pocket treats - which is a small treat with a hole in it - where you put medicine. Very clever idea! So for about a week and a half, I would get up in the morning, clean the kitty box, give them fresh water, new food, open the back porch door and turn on my coffee pot. I started out giving Mars and Ms Saddles a 1/2 of the pocket treat with nothing in it. After a few days I then gave them a whole treat - again with nothing inside. A few more days pass and I would fill the pocket treat with a very small crunchy treat inside. Now mind you this has become a routine each morning. The morning of the move I follow the same routine but have put the 1/2 of the Valium pill in the treat and Mars just scoffs down his treat - OK one down One to go!!! Ms Saddles wanted no part of the treat!!!! What's a mommy to do!!!!

I continue to pack up the car and it is very hot outside in the 90's WHEW! Everything is pack except the cooler and the kitties. Ms Saddles still has not eaten her treat!!! Who says female aren't smart!!!?? Mars at this point is quite lethargic. So a quick shower and then into the carriers the kitties go. I put Ms Saddles treat in her carrier with her in hopes that she will eat it once we are on the road.

We set off about 9:00am and the traffic was light and the weather was beautiful, not a cloud in the sky - that meant no rain. The kitties fall asleep and are quiet. After about 4 1/2 hours on the road husband Terry calls to see where I am at and that woke the them up. So I pull into a rest stop to let them out of their carriers they gingerly come out but are not into checking out the car and they crawl into each others carrier. So off I go make another quick stop to get gas. All of a sudden it dawns on me that the treat for Ms Saddles may still be in her carrier - oh well too late now both are asleep and I am almost to Macon.

Arrive in Macon and Ms Saddles is curious and cautious just as cats should be - now Mars on the other hand is curious but bolder. He definitely was not himself and he kept us awake all nite, he was wide eyed and fiesty. Not in a bad way but was definitely wired so I knew he ate the other treat!!!! Luckily it was several hours after the 1st treat.

Both cats have settled nicely in the 2 bedroom apartment and are loving the fact that it gets cool at night and we open the windows so they can sit on the window sills. Very cute.

Well, that is part one of the trip. Will continue with the trip to NC and Chicago and then back to Florida another day.

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Solstitches said...

Roberta that was such en entertaining kitty story :)
I hope your days on the road will soon be a thing of the past so you can finally settle down into some kind of a routine.
Love your finishes shown in the sidebar but why, oh why, are they not clickable for a bigger and better view?