Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Some stitching going on!!!

Hi all, now that my traveling days are over (I hope!!) I am finally getting back to some normalcy!! (whatever that is) and getting some stitching done.

Below in a fall quilt that I have started - it is called Harvest Time using Red Rooster fabrics. I saw this at the Farmer's General Store in Lancaster, Ohio. (that is where my sister lives) This store is a gift shop, candy store, antiques shop and a quilt shop. It is just darling. I posted about this place last year. I picked up the panels this past summer while at my sister's, but could not find the fabrics locally so I had them send me the kit without the panels. I have all the pieces cut out and labeled - will start putting it together sometime this week.This is the progress I have so far on "Tis the Season". I just love this Cardinal.
I was part of an exchange for Autumn and this is what I received from Susan. It is DT's Summer into Autumn and Susan put into a bag that she made!! This is my new stitching bag. Isn't it gorgeous???
Unfortunately, I neglected to take of photo of my exchange piece that I sent out, always rush about to get it in the mail!!!

Well, that is it for now, will have more to share by the end of the week.

Thank you for stopping by and for putting up with my negligence for posting to my blog and for falling so far behind in reading all of yours. I will catch up someday.



BeckySC said...

I am LOVING the cardinal :) Everything looks just great!! Can't wait to see more!

Margaret said...

Oh, love everything!!! That quilt will be really pretty! The cardinal is gorgeous so far too! And the exchange piece you received -- how wonderful!

hazel c UK said...

Nice to have you back Roberta and you have made a lovely start on the quilt, look forward to seeing its progress.

Very nice exchange piece.

Hazel (UK)

Adele said...

Roberta, I love how you can do all kinds of needlework (stitching, quilting, knitting. If I'm right, many years ago you stitched an autumn Prairie Schooler chart with a lovely quilted border of different patches. Could you put a picture of this fall design on your blog again for us to enjoy? It really reminded me of the browns/oranges of autumn.
Thanks, Addie

Dona said...

Hi Roberta! Glad you enjoyed your travels! I love the BBD piece - the cardinal is beautiful, isn't it? I love your exchange piece, too. What a great idea and I know you'll enjoy it.

woolwoman said...

Hi Roberta - That Tis the Season is on my "must do" list - I had it all kitted up last year and then just ran out of "winter" - it's a great piece and WOW - your quilt is so neat. How cool is that tote - you'll be showing your sampler pride with that beauty! Melody

Nancy said...

Your quilt will be gorgeous, and I can't wait to see it finished! Isn't that the most beautiful cardinal? Every time I see this stitched I just love to look at the gorgeous red bird. I love your bag, and it's so clever to insert the band of stitching. Makes it very special! Enjoy your projects!

Anonymous said...


Siobhán said...

I love your stitching, Roberta! I really need to get to the samplers in that BBD book but I'm still doing Halloween at the moment. ;) Love the quilt! What a gorgeous exchange piece you received, too.