Sunday, October 17, 2010

A class in English Paper Piecing

This past Friday, I took a class on English Paper Piecing which is different than foundation paper piecing. This was such an interesting class but oHHH so tiny little pieces. Here is a link about English Paper Piecing.

Below are photos of my class project. The pieces are sittingon photocopies of the design we are doing and a shot of the teachers backside of one of her squares.
My colors are blues and browns using a veryfine (100) polythread which just disapears into the fabric.
Here is some of the pieces as they will be attached when all the pairs are done
Attaching the two little diamonds

Here is the whole thing fabrics and tiny paper pieces, which will be removed once the squares are done - if I choose I can leave them in or take them out and reuse.
I think this would be a great way to do Grandmother's Flower Garden!! but will I ever get around to doing it???

Thanks for dropping by --- Have a wonderful week full of stitches =========Roberta


Margaret said...

It looks wonderful, Roberta! I love English paper piecing. I made a tumbling blocks that way and want to make a grandmother's flower garden. And others as well. I love the tiny pieces! Tiny is good! lol!

Melanie said...

Very interesting! I've always wanted to try this.

Sheila said...

Look forward to seeing it progressing :)

woolwoman said...

Oh Roberta - I have been dying to try that method with the hexie shapes. Several stitchers/bloggers are doing it but I have to agree with you - When to find the time?????? looks great - glad you had fun! What are you knitting these days? Melody

Julia said...

Hi Roberta,

Congratulations - you've won 'Autumn Annie'! Will you email me please so that I can get your address details etc?

Love your Paper Piecing by the way!

Julia:0) x

COUSON said...

Hello Robertz.I can't do this but it's nice!!Love.Couson

Siobhán said...

I love your project, Roberta, and the fabrics! I'm doing some hexagon paper piecing, making my daughters each a grandmother's flower garden quilt. If you go to and scroll through her blog entries, she has some wonderful video tutorials on EPP, particularly pertaining to hexies. I also used her hexagon PDFs for my daughters' quilts. It's a pain to cut the paper out but I figure I'm saving money that I can put towards fabric. ;)

Françoise said...

Very interesting!!!
Beautifull new projet

Julia said...

Just to let you know Roberta, I have sent you an email from a different email account!


Julia said...

Hi Roberta,

I haven't heard back from you yet, so I've just emailed again from my Outlook account. Will you leave a message on my blog please if my emails aren't getting through to you?



Saskia said...

O, you went right to the top level. Grandmothers garden or tumbling blocks in a bigger size are much easier to make. And you CAN do it. It's so much fun. I took them with me today to the hospital (went with my mother for moral support), and got several reactions.
Go to this website; and you can print any size you want.