Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Stitching with friends

Spent several wonderful days stitching, chatting and eating with my friends Diane and her Mother Mildred (I am the one in the middle). Diane and Mildred live in Mt. Dora, Florida which is a cute little town filled with antique shops, cafes and restaurants and various and sundry shops. It looks a bit like a little town that you would see in New England. It is a nice tourist destination, but it is also a lovely place to live. I was so glad that the girls came to visit, I was able to sit and enjoy my stitching time and not worry about cleaning, unpacking or rearranging the house.

When Diane and Mildred were about to leave - we spotted a Praying Mantis on our windshield. Not sure if you can see it, but maybe by clicking on the picture it may enlarge the photo. He is actually looking at me and the camera.

Glad you stopped by --- until later --- Roberta


Nancy said...

You certainly can see it. What a great picture. You could enter it in a nature photo contest.
You look very happy with your friends. I am getting ready to go meet mine right now.
We have been friends since grade school and she had been very ill. She is much better and able to drive again. Yeah.
Happy stitching.

Nancy said...

Whoops, that was Nancy V. LOL

Brigitte said...

This is a great picture showing you and your friends. It's visible that you were having much fun together.


Nancy said...

I'm glad you had some fun moments with your friends Roberta! You needed the break, and what a wonderful photo of the three of you. Also, the one of the praying mantis is fantastic. He certainly has a nice pose!

Solstitches said...

That's a lovely picture of you and your friends Roberta and yes, I see the bright green beastie. Yikes!

angelasweby said...

Mt Dora sounds like my idea of heaven. I'd love to mooch around and sample all the lovely little treats there especially if i was with good friends :>) Diane and Mildred sound like very good friends and, they are almost like two peas in a pod although not wishing to offend Mildred, you can tell a small difference in their years...haha! I'm getting myself all tied up here...haha but I'm sure they know what I mean.
It sounds as if you had a lovely time.
I just loved the picture of the praying mantis. it was so clear. It took me right back to my Cyprus days.
Warm hugs, Angela