Friday, June 24, 2016

Returning to the blogging world

Greeting everyone,
It has been over a year since my last post, my life (like everyone else) has just gotten so busy and out of control that stitching and computering (is there such a word???) really went by the wayside.

I hope to update, my blog page but need to get use to blogging again.  I have much to read and get caught up on with everyone.

A bit of updating with myself - DH, Terry retired and we decided that we will move and retire to North Carolina Mountains.  Our Daughter, Lindsay already lives, works and goes to school in the Hendersonville area.  We have several friends there and in nearby cities that it just made sense to not only move but to downsize!  Of course the house was not much of a downsize, but the yard definitely is.  This lovely yard that we have now has become quite difficult for me to maintain - this getting old is just rough, especially kneeling and standing constantly and climbing up and down the hill to the side and back yard.  Our new house has a lovely smaller garden area and the whole small neighborhood (nine houses) are all beautifully kept.

The good and bad part of this decision to move is that we found a lovely house and that we sold our house - only thing is our house sold in 4 days!!! Not that that was bad, but it really pushed us to pack up with out necessarily being able to totally clean out.  Though we did get through enough things to have a moving sale with is tomorrow.

Hope you all will forgive the long absence and I look forward to getting to know you all once again.

Have a wonderful weekend, I am off to start pricing for the moving sale.


woolwoman said...

How nice to see a post from you Roberta! I was afraid that you had gone the way of so many and abandoned your blog. I LOVE that area of the mountains. I spend a lot of happy vacations in that area and my great aunt had a summer home in Highlands so we went there every summer. that is actually where I learned to np as a child of about 8 or 10. A dear cousin of mine had a summer home in Waynesville so we were guest of hers in that area as adults. We used to vacation in the Dillard GA area every year but kinda wore out that area and now we prefer going on the Tenn. side of the Smokies. I hope you will keep in touch, I miss your Dixie newsletters coming my way. Take care - I hope our paths cross again some day soon. Good luck with it all - Mel

Dirty Martini Queen said...

We just moved to Asheville last fall and I'm loving living here. We also downsized and getting rid of all the excess was very calming for me. I like having less house to clean, no yard to mow (we are on the side of a mountain)and being able to put my hands on my stitching stash within minutes instead of trying to figure out where I had stashed it.

Gillie said...

I hope all goes well, there will be time to sort when you get there! Glad you are back.

Carolien said...

Hello dear Roberta,

Great to read a new post, great to read that you are all well! Quite some changes, good luck with it all and I wish you a happy time in your new home.
Hopefully till soon!

Hugs, Carolien

Brigitte said...

So great to see a new post from you, Roberta. Downsizing is a good thing, and decluttering and having a moving sale is even better. A big yard is always a lot of work that keeps us from doing needlework, isn't it? I wish you a good and smooth move. Your new place in the mountains sounds terrific.