Thursday, June 30, 2016

Moving Day tomorrow

Good Morning Everyone,
My hopes are that I will be able to post to my blog each week, with progress on my stitching and my life.

Tomorrow is the first part of our move - since I have some obligations that I feel I need to follow through on and since my sister (who lives with us) still has to work until the end of November - we will move part of the house to an apartment here in Macon, GA.

On Tuesday, the rest of the house, my husband, and our cats will move onto North Carolina.  Since we already have a condo there my husband and the cats will move there and the furniture will go into storage until our house we bought closes at the end of July.  This split moving is quite tricky since you are not sure if you are packing things for each place going to be correct!!!

Will stop by again next week, hopefully will have some photos and all will be settled!!

Thanks for visiting,


Margaret said...

It's good to see posts from you again! I'm behind on blog commenting, but I had to say something -- good luck with the move and all! Moving is always stressful. I hope your move isn't! Looking forward to seeing more posts and some stitching!

Rachel said...

Best of luck on your move, hope everything goes very smoothly!

woolwoman said...

Sounds like a very exciting time moving the NC Roberta. I think you said it was in the mountains. Take care and good luck ! Mel