Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Slowly returning to a normal life

Hi Everyone, long time no see (write!)
This past year has been very busy, what with my friend Diane having her cancer return.  So it was many trips to the doctor's and the hospital.  This went on from last October and became more and more frequent as 2014 progressed.
The journey ended on August 23 when Diane passed away.
However the journey wasn't over yet, there was the task of cleaning out her house (she was a stitcher so many of you know there was lots to go though!) My husband and I also had to take care of Diane's mother, and get her moved into a smaller place.  Luckily Diane and her mom were already in a retirement community that had independent housing and apartments, then the progression to skilled nursing, memory unit and assisted living.  We were able to move Mildred to an independent  apartment.  This past weekend we finally finished cleaning out the house and turned in the keys.
Diane and her mom both were collectors of nice china, glassware and nick nacks.  Diane was also a prolific stitcher, so lots of stitched pieces to find homes for (Mildred also stitched and quilted).
So in the middle of all this (actually near the end of Diane's life) A lump was found in the neck of our son, Jeremy.  So off I had to go to California to be with him during his surgery and recovery.  Luckily, it was a benign tumor, but some nerves where over the lump and hence the surgery was a bit touchy.  Jeremy lost feeling in his left ear, face and neck for a short time.  His feeling is slowly returning.
Once Jeremy was OK, I needed to change my plane reservations (a very costly thing) to get home to Diane, she failed very quickly during my time away.  I had told her that she could not get any worse or die before I returned.  Well she didn't listen and proceeded to get worse.  I did make it home to see her and visit with her and tell her all about my time with Jeremy.  Of course, Diane is in a coma and I am not sure if she hear everything, but I do know that she was aware that I was there.  She died a few hours after my return.
I know this is a sad story, but Diane was a terrific person, who lead a really good life, and was extremely talented in the world of fabric and fibers.  Diane was 67, but she did manage to survive for 15 years (most of them very good years).
Now as to my stitching - it was nil!!!  I did get to knit a good bit because it was easier to do while sitting in doctor's offices or at the hospital visits.  As Diane became more and more sick, I became her caregiver and medical POA (not sure that is what it is called).  I am now that for Mildred.
I did add some photos of my time with Jeremy in San Francisco and of some stitching that I did just recently, it feels so good to have needle in hand once again.
Thank you for sitting through this long chat, but haven't been able to come up with what to say for my blog and today, I feel like I am almost back to normal and can get back to doing my stitching, gardening (this morning job before it gets to cold outside) and to my blogging.  I have done some reading of blogs when I had time and wifi was available. 
Jeremy and Mom at the Academy of Sciences in SF (after surgery)

Academy of Sciences
                                                                      The rooftop of TAoS
                                                            Albino Alligator at the TAoS

One evening Jeremy introduced me to Ethiopian food, very yummy.

You eat the food with this bread, no utensils (unless you ask!!)

Jeremy before the surgery

Jeremy after surgery.  we shot this from his non surgical side
I did take photos of his incision everyday before I put on his daily dressing.

Here is a small Prim piece I did start in SF.

Here is what I am stitching on now. Since I am so far behind in my holiday and event stitching I though I would just pull out something new to work on.  Will get back to all of my WIPs, hopefully by next week.
I you have stuck along with this, Thank You for staying.  Looking forward to getting back on track with life.


Margaret said...

I'm so sorry for your loss of your friend Dianne. You are a good friend to have cared for her and her mother in her last days. My son also had surgery to remove a lump in his neck. He lost feeling in the same areas for a while, but not for long. I'm sure your son will have his feeling back soon. So many things happening in your life! It's good to hear from you -- lots of hugs and here's hoping your life can return to normal now and everyone, including you, stays healthy.

angelasweby said...

It's been a long and very difficult time for you, Roberta but you never ever once complained. You tackled everything that came your way with enormous courage, energy and cheerfulness. You gave Diane and her mum incredible support and I am sure Diane waited for you to return. I'm also sure she heard every word :-)
Glad to hear Jeremy is making a good recovery and that things are finally settling down to a more normal routine but then, your normal routine is a lot busier than most people's...haha!

Nancy said...

So glad to hear Jeremy is OK! Never saw an albino alligator before. Enjoy your stitching Roberta!

woolwoman said...

Roberta - what a heroic thing you did for Diane and her mother. such a generous gift of your time and energy to care for them. You will be blessed. Glad your son is recovering nicely and his issue was not cancer. Hope you have a beautiful fall and holiday season and enjoy the cooler weather stitching by a window with a view of your gardens. Cheers Melody

trillium said...

Having survived cancer of the parotid gland (surgery + radiation), I can sympathize with Jeremy and hope he has a good recovery. I'm a follower of yours now.

Melanie said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. It sounds like you've all been through so much lately. :( I hope things are better from here on out.

Linda K's Stitching Corner said...

I have found your Blog and I am now a follower of your Blog. I too have a Blog and here is the link:

I would like for you to become a follower of my Blog.

I am so glad that your Son Jeremy is doing good after having his surgery. That is so scary when somebody has surgery cause you don't know what the outcome is going to be.

You have stayed strong through all of this and that is so very hard to do.

God Bless You and I love reading your Blog....

Take care
Happy Stitching
Linda K, Railroad

Peg said...

Hi Roberta
I'm so sorry to hear of the passing of your friend, cancer doesn't care who it hits or what it does with them. We have lost many friends and family through this disease, I'm in my own battle with it and Neil is waiting for a MRI to tell him whether it has now decided it's his turn.
How you must have put Dianes mind at peace by becoming her Mums care giver, bless your heart. I do hope your son makes a full recovery I think you've had enough for a while.
Take care
Peg xx