Friday, May 23, 2014

Where does time go???

Hi Everyone, I cannot believe that so much time has passed since my last post.  Have been really busy doing a model stitching, yard work, and helping out a dear friend who has been very ill.
I will not chat too much this time but did want to share some photos with you.
I have been trying to read up with everyone's blog, but time for that has been very slim so hoping that this is the beginning of me getting caught up with you all and posting some of  the things I have to share with you all.
This BBD was part of an exchange that I was in with the HoE group.

This also was part of an exchange with the HoE group.  Both were fun stitches to do and they were both in the mail by or before mid March.

Of course one always needs a cat in a HALOS box, now mind you this is no small cat!!! and all the cats try to get into this box - it is hilarious to watch them maneuvering themselves to fit!! 

My Irises in the back garden.

One of my Ikebana designs, I am taking classes in Japanese Flower arranging - this is from the second book, I completed the first book and hoping to get my certificate sometime at the end of this year.

Just had these English Boxwood put in by the front walkway, there use to be gardenias there but they had seen better days.
Most of the yard has been planted, weeded and ready for the hot summer months, just a bit more to do and then we can enjoy the view.  I will take some photos and post them in the future when all is done!
Thank you for keeping me on your list and for stopping by.


Margaret said...

Lovely exchange pieces! So funny about the cats and the box -- so cute! Your garden is lovely!

Gillie said...

Cats are so funny, for such dignified creatures they do get themselves into some slightly inelegant positions! Lovely stitching and garden. We are going to enjoy ours this summer,

Nancy said...

Your exchange stitches are beautiful Roberta - love that Halloween design! Lovely Ikebana photos, and I want to pet that gorgeous kitty!

Woolwoman said...

Love the stitched exchange pieces Roberta. I'm with you, where do the weeks go between blog posts. Hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend, Mel

hazel c UK said...

Lovely exchange pieces Roberta glad you got them done in time. Your irises are so pretty one of my favorite flowers. Love the flower arranging not an easy art I know.

Hugs and stitches
Hazel c uk

Melanie said...

Super nice exchange pieces! I love them both. :)

Anonymous said...


Solstitches said...

The exchange pieces are beautifully stitched and finished.
Your garden is looking lovely.