Friday, August 24, 2012

Some in the Garden photos

Thought I would post some photos of my yard especially after a horrific storm that went through a few weeks ago, which cracked this wonderful tree that was in my back yard.

 But here is some pretty shots of my yard - below is my Lamb Ears, which I love they sit below my Crepe Myrtle tree and keeping them company are the turtles that I picked up in Jeckyll Island.
 Here is a little miniature rose bush that I planted in a sweet little hippo container, this little rose bush just loves it here.
 My hedgehog and welcome brick with my birdie hose guider
 The walkway to the front door.
I am still working on Lounging Hare will try to get a photo up of that real soon.

Thank you for dropping in - do have a wonderful weekend.



Margaret said...

There have been too many horrific storms recently it seems. Nice garden pics.

Anonymous said...

Hi Roberta,
It's Marcy and I'm trying to reach you as I'll be passing through Macon next month. Would love to have lunch - Mom will be with me too. Chicago EGA seminar seems like a long time ago now!
I'll send a mail through the night owl group too!

angelasweby said...
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angelasweby said...

Lovely pictures of your garden Roberta although it's sad to see the destruction that the storm wreaked. I love your pretty garden ornaments especially the little hedgehog.

Melanie said...

That's too bad about the tree! Thankfully it looks like the rest of your yard survived quite nicely.

Solstitches said...

Poor tree. What a shame that had to happen.
Your garden is looking very lovely.