Friday, August 31, 2012

A bit of beading, stitching and an exchange

Beaded this up this past week - Fern Ridge's Pretty Peas a fun little scissor fob.  I just love what Fern Ridge comes up with for Ideas!!
 Had a workshop with Cathrine Jordan this past spring and this is the project - a small sewing roll.  I am finishing one for one of the ladies in the class - it is almost done!!!  then I will tackle mine which as you can see on the left is barely started.  This was a fun project done all in black and some silver metallic.  One uses various stitches to cover the marked areas.  I used satin stitch, pin stitch, eyelets, running, French knots and just some long stab stitches.  I think it looks pretty good and the gal who I am doing it for loves it!! thats all that matters - right??
 Below is a good portion of Lounging Hare stitched.  I still have quite a bit to go, but I have taken a few days break from it and will go back sometime next week.
 Here is the cover photo of the finished Lounging Hare by Sherri Jones.
 I took part in an ornament exchange - below is what I stitched
 and this is what I received.  Love the colors of the ornment I received - both designs came from Blackbird's Christmas Garden.
Well, off to listen to an audio book and do some beading    ---

Until Later ----------------  Roberta


Gillie said...

Hmm, beading.... NO, away with you, wicked one, do not tempt me! I have enough especially now knitting has come onto the list! What are you listening to?

Margaret said...

Such eye candy! Love seeing everything -- and that beaded piece is just wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Beading and stitching in one project. That's wicked. Its really pretty.
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Caz said...

That black work looks amazing,,,

Melanie said...

What a great bunch of projects you've got going!! The beaded fob is so pretty. The colors are so bright and cherry and it really does scream 'peas'.