Sunday, June 10, 2012

Where oh Where did my threads go??!!

I pulled out Quaker Christmas to finish the stitching - my goal to have it done by the end of June!!  Well, the threads were not in the baggie with the pattern and the fabric! so neadless to say I started pulling apart my new sewing area/studio in a frantic search, but to no avail.  So the replacement piece is Garden Gate by Shepherd Bush.  This piece was started as a round robin many years ago and I never finished it due to a mistake that was done on it, but it is out now and heading toward the finish line.  I am still searching for my QC threads, hoping to find them soon, would love to get that finished.

Last weekend DH, Terry and I headed to Jekyll Island, GA.  Terry had a conference there for 3 days so I tagged along for a little R&R.  I did a bit of stitching, but I actually read most of the time.  Pope Joan was the book - it is for my book club discussion group.

Now just FYI, I do not do bridges very well, as a matter of fact if I know there is a bridge on a trip, I plan, yes!!! I plan when I drive and when someone else will drive - The feeling I get when going onto a bridge is just like having an out of body experience - it is very frightening for me!  Does anyone else have problems going over bridges????

Anyway, there were two bridges we had to cross to get to the island.

Below is a shot of the Sidney Lanier Bridge/ Ocean Highway that crosses over the intercoastal heading towards Jekyll Island, GA.
 As we approach the top of the bridge.

Entering the roadway to the island
 A long stretch of road ahead
 Surrounded by marshlands.

 Here is the bridge that puts you on the island
 Waiting in line to pay the entrance fee at the guard gate
 The guard gate
 Our hotel - Jekyll Island Club
 View of one of the Live Oak tree with moss hanging that was just in front of the rocking chair porch.
Terry and I standing in front of the large Live Oak

storm moving in!

 Sidney Lanier bridge in the background
 A shot of driftwood beach
It was a wonderful, quiet, and beautiful time away, I guess I just needed some down time.

Next weekend is anothr conference for Terry - this time it is in Savannah, GA.

Thank you for visiting  -----  Roberta


Terri said...

YES! I have a problem with bridges, too! Many years ago, we planned a trip to the UP of Michigan and planned the route so I would NOT have to go across the Mackinaw bridge! It is 2 miles long and high above water. I hate that bridge!!

Sounds like you had a wonderful time and the location sure was gorgeous!

Susan @ Real Girl Designs said...

It sounds like you had a lovely trip away, despite the bridges.

Dirty Martini Queen said...

Well I'm happy to discover that I'm not the only stitcher in the world that misplaces threads on a project and afraid of bridges. I can ride over them now thanks to numerous trips to the Florida Keys but still can't drive over a really long one. At least at 46 I have finally outgrown the habit of holding my breath from one to the other but that has more to due to age that actual maturity. Lol

Mouse said...

ohhhh hope you find your threads soon how annoying .... well at least you had something as back up
love that huge tree on your vacation :) love mouse xxxxx

Carol said...

Looks like a great getaway, Roberta--even with the bridges. I've never minded them--living in the Pittsburgh area where we have tons and tons of them, I've had to get used to them :)

Hope that thread turns up soon!

Gwen said...

Hope you have found your threads by now and stitching away on QC. I know you must be very close to a finish since I saw it last.

Go ahead and get The Darning Sampler it is very doable. If I can get it done, I know you can. This is probably the first time I have finished an SAL on time.

Marnie said...

Hi Roberta! It was so good to sit and stitch (and volunteer/work) with you this past weekend. Hope you made it home safely. Drop by my place sometime. I've added your blog to my "Blog Hoppin' list. Happy Stitching!


Brigitte said...

I always ask: Where did the time go?. But your question is way better, lol. I hope you could find your threads in the meantime so that you needn't buy them again.
Great pictures from your trip. I don't have a problem with bridges, I have a problem with tunnels. But it's only a minor problem as I can drive through tunnels, I just get a weird feeling and I'm always glad when the end is in sight, lol.

Julia said...

Thanks Roberta, I have enjoyed getting a bit more stitching done - it's very relaxing!

Looks as though you had a nice few days away - lovely and sunny by the looks of it!


Solstitches said...

It looks as though you had a wonderful trip Roberta.
That is a nice picture of you and Terry.