Friday, June 1, 2012

Deadline not met!!!

Well I did try to get Sanctuary finished by May 31st, but as you can see I still have a ways to go.  I am working on the written border and the Rapid stitch borders at the same time while I am in the same area.

OOPs I just noticed that I hadn't finished the one section of trees at the bottom!! Oh Dear!!

So for June, my plan is to have Sanctuary done and to have the last page of Quaker Christmas done.  I have no idea why I had put QC down!! I was almost done!

Heading off to Jekyll Island this weekend with DH, Terry.  He has a seminar to attend and I am going along for the ride and for some quiet time to walk the beach, read, stitch and perhaps shop!!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and thank you for stopping by.



Margaret said...

Sorry you didn't meet your deadline. It's looking so pretty though! Your weekend sounds so nice too!

Anonymous said...


Your Sanctuary WIP is beautiful.

I love your arrangements in your previous post and your beading is very pretty!

Solstitches said...

Your Sanctuary is looking lovely Roberta and you're very nearly there now.
Have a great weekend!


woolwoman said...

AWWW dang Roberta - if I had known sooner you were going to be at Jekyll - I would have come and picked you up for lunch and taken you to the Stitchery at St Simons - Definitely worth visiting - I know you are a yarn lover. You know I'm only an hour or so from the golden isles - enjoy your time there - beautiful place and beautiful history. try and make it over to St Simons. Take care Melody

Mouse said...

oooooo its looking gorgeous and you nearly got there ....hope you have a nice time on your travels :) love mouse xxxx