Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Moving day and Beatrix Potter

Well, the movers have come and gone, now vacuuming and moving remaining furniture into new spots. DH will be taking part of our furniture with him to Georgia. All in all things are moving along pretty good. Our poor kitties are not quite sure what is going on!! They are going to be very angry with us because this afternoon they go to the Vets for their yearly checkup and shots!!!

I've finally added a photo of Beatrix Potter. This was taken last week, I am now on the current motif of the SAL, which is not shown on this picture.

The weather here in Florida is quite hot as it is all over. Have had no rain for almost a week now, and it is not looking good for rain for the next few days.

Well, off to finish getting the house in order before we head to the Vets.

Until tomorrow


Tanya Willis Anderson said...

Hi Roberta,
Poor kitties have no clue why changes happen but they sure know something's up when they do take place. Hope your cats have a smooth move and enjoy their new home.


moving company said...

Congrats on your move. Hope you have well settled at your new place and your kitties are all right.