Thursday, January 7, 2021

Terry Bay’s Tulip Box

 Good Morning!

Long time no see, but I am hoping to get back into blogging now that life has somewhat slowed down and that I have lots of stitching to work on and to share with you all.  

Come the spring, there will be some gardening, though I have a much smaller yard now.  We will also be playing golf.  DH, Terry is really quite good and I am coming along - I can at least hit the ball! but not always where I want it and usually not very far!!  But we are outdoors and getting exercise.

We moved to Western North Carolina 5 years ago and we love live living in the mountains.

I am having to learn all over again how to set up and work blogging, so bear with me as I jump back into this medium again.  I have found that FB has gotten way too ugly and I do not use anything else other than email to communicate with friends and family.

I also, still do Ikebana which is Japanese flower arranging so you will see some arrangements on this blog as well.

I have started digging through my pile of stitched things and putting them into there final finished form.  Above is a finish from a class I did 5/6 years ago!!  Hoping to get more stitching done, and more finishing done.

Will close for now - looking forward to seeing friends from before and meeting new blogging friends.



Marilyn said...

I remember reading your blog.
Happy to see you back!

StarGames said...

Thanks for your thoughtful and thorough content