Thursday, February 5, 2015

An update on getting back to normal!!!

So I though all would get back to nice steady flow of my day, but wait!! NO! Ended up getting very sick for the month of December and then to find out that I have a surface cancer on my arm!! My sister had to have a shoulder replacement.  I am guessing that perhaps this is my normal!!  I always seem to be busy and on the go, but I am trying for a new normal - a slower normal.  I will slow down a bit - our daughter, Lindsay, will be moving back to Orlando, though will miss her, she does add activity to our life, since she is a movie buff, we have gotten into movies and video games!!
Before Lindsay moves, she wanted to visit her friend Javon who moved to Japan six years ago - so guess who is going with her??? That's right - me!!  It should be a fun, busy and exciting time, especially since I am into embroidery and Ikebana.  Hope to visit the Japanese Embroidery Center and the Ichiyo Ikabana school.  Of course Linds wants to head to the Animation and video areas. 
We are wanting to visit museums, temples, Mt Fuji and various other cities. 
Below is the update on the Terry Bay piece I have been working on, as you can see Mars has to give a helping hand. 
Here is some other knitting that I am working on - somehow forgot that I had this sock to finish, so hoping to get it done quickly.  Also working on another scarf. 
Here is a an African Violet that was at Diane and Mildred's house (my friend that passed away last year).  It seems to like living at my house and it is now 2 plants so I will split it when it stops blooming and give one of the plants to Mildred. 
Also, another plant and it is loving the spot where I put it and it has bloomed, who would have thought that this orchid would be happy here in middle Georgia in the cold temps!! 
I did manage to get something stitched and finished - finally!!! This was for a heart tree that was on display at Callaway's NeedleArts School. 

Thank you for stopping by chat with you all again.


Clare-Aimetu said...

Oh have a lovely trip :-) I do like your stitching, especially your heart :-)

Marilyn said...

The Terry Bay piece is beautiful.
Mars is only supervising. :)
What beautiful plants.

Ellen said...

What a wonderful trip. . I look forward to hearing all about it when you return.

Lots of beautiful needlework projects as usual!

woolwoman said...

oh wow - what an amazing trip to Japan you are planning. Love the knitting projects. Hope all goes well with the cancer on the arm. I know what you mean about new normal - it's crazy to be so busy all the time. I need to post a photo of my orchid to how you - this is the 3rd year of repeat blooming - always in winter - Cheers ! Mel

Margaret said...

Oh my -- so much happening in your life right now! I hope the skin cancer is taken care of quickly. And your poor sister! I hope you have a wonderful trip to Japan with your DD. What fun! Love your stitching too!

Gwen said...

Love your projects,stitching/knitting, and the flowers are beautiful.

Brigitte said...

Back to a slower normal? I cannot imagine you being slow on anything, lol. I think being normal for you is being busy and in the middle of things :) And wow, you have a wonderful trip ahead. Getting to know a foreign country or region is always so exciting. And I hope that you will have such an exciting trip with Linda.

You seem to have a green thumb, just like my mom. She was able to bring all the African Violets to full bloom even when you thought they were already dead. And it was the same with all the other plants she had.

Great knitting and stitching projects.

Melanie said...

I'm glad to hear the cancer scare wasn't worse. Yikes. Still scary though! :(

hazel c UK said...

Lovely to read your news Roberta but sorry to hear about the skin cancer and hope it is dealt with swiftly and Jeans shoulder is on the mend. How exciting a trip to Japan it will be lovely for you especially has the love the embroidery and flower arranging they do there, when do you go. The orchid is lovely, I went to Kew Gardens last week to see the if orchid festival, hope to go with Dean before it finishes when I shall take some photos.

Love Hazel c uk
Take care Roberta

Marnie said...

Hi Roberta! Have a great time in Japan. I'm dying to hear all about it when you get back. Hope the skin cancer removal goes smoothly. Your violet is beautiful as is the orchid. I've grown violets for twenty years but never have seen one split like yours. That's awesome! Take care!