Sunday, March 2, 2014

What keeps me busy!!

No matter how hard I try, I can never get to sit and post to my blog on a regular basis.  I really wanted to post at least once a week, but we will keep trying!!
Below is a small pouch that I made for a friend's birthday, she likes Hardanger so I put small piece of Hardanger on the pouch.  These pouches are great for holding and carrying around ones needle work.
Last week was the celebration of Girls Day in Japan, so the program for our Ikebana meeting was making an arrangement that would be suitable for that event.  Below are two photos of what I created.

Last Monday was my 35th wedding anniversary and DH brought me flowers.
and this really great OTT light for my stitching area in the living room to replace the small dinky OTT light that was there.
I am part of the Stitch from Stash group and below is my huge purchase for February.  I spent all of $13.  On the right is a clamp for your frame or hoop that will hold a small stitching design.  the product on the left is a really neat basting thread made of plastic.  Yes, it is red, but it does not leave any residue and when you are stitching your needle does not piece the basting thread but slides around it.  I learned about this from a designer/teacher.  I truly love this product, you can find it at Hobby Lobby around $9 to $10 less your 40% coupon.
Here is what the thread looks like both in the packaging and out plus on a project that I had stitched last month (and still haven't put together!!)
I have finished Lounging Hare now to find time to put it together into it's finished form.
In February, I took a class with Terri Bay on Ukranian work, it is a small little basket stitched in whitework and blackwork, this is a darling piece, but lots of stitching.  This is in my to be finished pile for March/April.
Some springtime flowers, it was very cold outside when this picture was taken, but today and yesterday we had beautiful weather and I was able to work in the yard!! yeah!!!
And as if I had nothing else to do, DH decided that we needed a new couch and coffee table, the other couch was literally falling apart, so here is what we picked out and it fits nicely in our livingroom.
Well if you made it through all of the photos and the chatter - THANK YOU for stopping by.  And I do hope to get better at posting.  Do have a wonderful weekend and week ahead and hope those of you who are still dealing with terrible weather - prayers for spring to arrive soon.


Clare-Aimetu said...

Happy Anniversary to you and DH, lovely flowers and a great new light (something I am looking for). Your new sofa looks great. Well done on your Stitch from Stash purchases, it's a great idea isn't it.

Brigitte said...

Roberta, your Ikebana creations are gorgeous, I'd love to have one of these in my living room.
So nice what you got from your husband, such a light has been on my wish list for quite a while. It must be great to use.

You were doing great on the SFS challenge. And your stitching is so beautiful, particularly the Lounging Hare. And I'm looking forward to seeing the Ukrainian project finished. Looks wonderful on the picture.

Mouse said...

ooo happy anniversary ... gorgeous flowers and love the ott light too ...
nice projects you are working on at the moment and well done on the stitch from stash total too :) love mouse xxxxx

Myra said...

Oh wow! Everything is so pretty - love your flower arrangements. Happy Anniversary too!

hazel c UK said...

Such a delightful post Riberta and I love the ikebana arrangements your Ukrainian basket is going to be so pretty.

Is there no end to your talents.

Hugs and love
Hazel c uk

woolwoman said...

I know what you mean about all good intentions to post more on the blog Roberta - it is just so hard LOL ! Love all you showed - great post ! Cheers Melody

Melanie said...

Happy Anniversary! The flowers were beautiful. :)
Love the new couch, too. Fits in so nicely.

Marie said...

Happy 35th wedding anniversary ~ that is wonderful!

That red guide thread is the best! I am using it on my recent HAED start and actually posted about this wonderful nylon thread on my blog.

All of the beautiful flowers makes me wish for spring even more. All I see now is snow.

I am not familiar with the designer of the Ukrainian basket, it is beautiful. My DH father is Ukrainian. I should make that!